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  1. Anyone paying attention to James Cameron today on twitter... Hes diving to the deepest part of the ocean.. Never been done before..

    Updates here on his descent ----> https://twitter.com/#!/PaulGAllen

    THIS SHIT IS CRAZY.. i would be so scared lol
  2. Hopefully the pressure crushes him and we never have to see an avatar re-release again.:hello:
  3. this shit is mindblowing.. just imagine what its like 35000 feet under water..
  4. It has been done before.

    In 1960 I think?

    But this still doesn't change the fact it's some crazy shit. I bet it's crazy down there
  5. correct it was done in 60. but i dont think it was a SOLO dive.
  6. reddit

    anyone else...?
  7. He just tweeted this from the deepest part of the ocean floor

    "Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge "

    what if its something fucking crazy he see's lol

    EDIT: Hes gonna be down there for 6 hours before coming back up.. thats nutty
  8. Awesome! I love this kind of stuff.
  9. last time it was 2 people and they only went down, hit the bottom and then came back up. they had no steering. Basically they tied themselves to a 2 metric ton (or maybe 5?) rock and went for a ride. I know the one he's in is lighter and actually can see things as well as he took some camera's down with him. I'm hopin he comes back up Abyss style.

  10. Yeah he's filming down there.

    He's going to rise up the master of a pre-historic 300ft octopus
  11. i bet hes filming AQUAMAN for real
  12. Is he back yet? I wanna see the footage so bad!
  13. This creeps me out so much. I'm terrified of the ocean :(

  14. In a strange way, I kind of agree. Somehow going to the moon would be easier for me than diving that deep. :eek:
  15. Cool stuff. I'm interested in seeing what he gets filmed.
  16. Twitter works at the bottom of the ocean. Amazing
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FjsmovR_fc]my favorite steve irwin interview - YouTube[/ame]
    Man I can't believe he is gone.:cry:
  18. ^^ lol Steve Erwin??

    What the fuck is he doing back! Back from the dead to torment more animals ?
  19. If that were me i'd bring like a g and my magic flight and go to town.

    Imagine that, being blazed at the bottom of the ocean.

    It would be amazing, or scary, or both.

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