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    So here we are finally. The Jamaicans I have been raising in my indoor garden are moving outside as they get over 12", or as I need more space.

    These are all some one of two types of Jamaican bagseed I picked up while on vacation there over 2 years ago. Smoke was pretty dank for seedy herb.

    I have 4 plants outside and 9 more waiting to go out. My spot is very secure, from people anyways. Critters maybe not so but I have some tactics that I should employ but have not yet. I have made some natural looking barriers with some felled trees and branches so I think it should be good for now.

    My favorite so far, Jamski #1, is still growing rapidly and showing sex already after 4 days outside!?! is this normal?

    Anyways here are some pics of the four outside and then the group inside under the metal halide waiting for their turn!

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  2. You have some wonderful plants, very healthy!
  3. ah thanks alot BH, means alot coming from you. Been following your 2010 grow silently as well and your shit is looking pro dude. And nice selection of strains. I wanted to run these jamaicans first just to get my head back in the game but I will be pulling out the genetics as well next cycle!

    Hope this year brings us both bountiful harvest come fall.
  4. Update time:hello:

    Been a busy week of friends and family gatherings and digging holes. Felt like I havent gotten any sleep at all. Enough complaining though.

    The grow is running at 99% right now. Got two more holes to dig then everyone will be in the ground.

    The first round of plants all got planted in roots organic, this round I used a mix of promix and worm castings and fertilizing with Alaska Fish Emulsion(shit smells so rank it has to be good!) I put a layer of mulch over the top to aid with water retention.

    After culling some weaker individuals and rooting out some males that showed preflowers, I am down to a manageable 11 plants outdoors.

    Hopefully I will be able to provide updates more often as I wont be hauling dirt and water through the woods now!

    Sorry for my poor photography skills but I am reading up and will step up my game here soon!

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  5. a few more shots

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  6. had a stroll out to the spot today, took some pics.

    found a dam caterpillar had ravaged the leaves on one of my plants and was still at the scene of the crime when I rolled up. Needless to say he was promptly escorted off of the premises and executed .

    everyone else is looking good and getting their stretch on! good thing im not concerned about height!

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  7. update from the spot.

    everything looking good for the most part. have some insect damage to some of the leaves. Really would like to avoid spraying with any chems. Any other options?

    Other than the insect damage, things are progressing nicely. plants are loving their life facing the south and they are growing LARGE!!. I think Jamski #1 must be over 4 ft now.

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  8. plants look great about how many hours of direct sunlight r they getting
  9. my god your plants are very impressive, you look like you have a nice mix of phenotypes there, the leaves are amazing, they are huge and so green! your gonna have some trees to deal with at the end of this grow for sure!

  10. Try making a spray with 1 tsp Ivory dish liquid to 1 gallon of water.
  11. Thanks man, they get direct from about 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. currently. They could get more but the trees that prevent this are also on the outside of the perimeter and I dont want to disturb this.

    Hey easy, glad your enjoying the show! The plants really are all over the place, most look like an indica/sativa cross, which is good thing since they have a better chance to finish fully. There are a couple full sativa lookers however that we will just have to see what happens.

    Hey Grandma, thanks for dropping that nugget on me. Im whipping this up right now! :hello:Really appreciate your knowledge, hope to get my freezer looking like yours come harvest time :D
  12. Pic update from this morning. Had some crazy rain and wind a day ago but it looks like everyone pulled through. All plants have shown female preflowers except for 2 hold outs.

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  13. So as I mentioned earlier I wanted to put a plant out for the groundhog to check out so I can see if he was interested in eating it or not.

    I was finally able to catch him scoping out one of my plants to see what he would do. Guess that are not to big on eating weed. :hello:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB1clNxigAA"]YouTube- groundhog_weedplant.mkv[/ame]
  14. Looking great so far bro. Lol @ the groundhog. What type of cam did u shoot that with? looked like a nice, smooth vid.

  15. Thanks alot Saleen, been putting in some work so it should pay off come harvest season.

    The cam I have is a Sony HDR-HC9. Shoots 1080i nicely when there is abundant light. I have been using this to take my stills as well but it doesnt do as good a job on those. I need to get a tripod asap as that is half my problem!
  16. Nice groundhog. I want one.
    Was that a fart I heard about 45 seconds into your video? lmao Oh, yea, right. floor squeeking, sure. :D
  17. lol, I blame the camera.

    I wish I could ship you some, the thing has 4 babies running around now but they are pretty elusive.
    Glad to know they dont care for weed, as long as there is abundant grass anyways.
  18. been away for a few days, get out to the spot tomorrow morning for some updates.

    here is a bunny in the backyard to hold you over :smoke:

  19. great grow journal!
    those plants are going to be serious monsters, you just wait. 4 feet by now? jesus, good times.
    im glad if mine are 4 feet by flower! then they get about...6 feet. yers should be like 8! hahah
    what do you know about pre flowers? i think my plants are showing them right now, but i hope that doesnt mean that they are going to flower, i want them to veg all the way into july at least...yikes
    check out my journal, lemme know what you think!


  20. Hey TC thanks for stopping in. Yeah I am ready to grow some trees so should be good show.

    I will have a look at your journal and see if I can lend any advice :smoking:

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