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Jamaican Pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gedge, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I bought a bag for 20$, was almost an eighth. I was talking to the Jamaican guy trying to figure out what kind of tree it was, all he told me was "its the best cheese in the world" At first glance, and the price I paid for it I concluded it was middies. But after inspecting it I think its beasters. Its a semi-dark green color, with alittle amount of red hairs towards the heart of the nug. Problem is it had seeds, and I heard beasters don't come with seeds very often. The high you get is pretty good too, no head-ache or anything which is usually accompanied by after smoking mids. Any opinions?
  2. Maybe it was hermi... The plant it came from.
  3. Pics would be nice.

    What kind of Middies are you smoking that gives you a headache. It must have been straight shwagg.

    Beasters don't come with seeds that often. It's probably just mids. You probably just aren't used to that shit man. And for 20 dollars an eight about then it's probably some nice mids.
  4. ive had some ridiculously good dank with seeds in it, chill my brother haha
  5. Beasters may have some seeds. Or mids might just be better there.
  6. Chea Chea Gedge straight mids. Trust me my friend.
  7. Jamaican pot is bad. Don't believe what they say.
  8. Does it smell like hay? beasters have that wierd smell
  9. Alot of the weed sold in Jamaica looks like shit, but is actually surprisingly good.
  10. Jamaica pot is the worst in the caribbean.
  11. Is it in nice nuggets? Cuz it could have been a real good strain but then got germinated...You won't know till you smoke it.
  12. the only prob with weed there is so many ppl grow that your going to have seeds in your weed. Just because you don't have males in your field doesn't mean the guy next door doesn't.

    and seeds aren't a bad thing. if all weed didn't have seeds then we wouldn't have weed, so don't get mad at the seeds, thats future bud right there.

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