jamaican fireman

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  1. >Y'know sump'tin, honey, we have a wonderful new system at de fire

    > station.


    >Bell 1 rings - we put on our jackets.

    >Bell 2 rings - we slide down de pole.

    >Bell 3 rings - we jump on de ingine and we's ready to go.


    >From now on, when I says 'Bell one' I want you to strip naked.

    >When I says 'Bell two', you jump on de bed. When I says 'Bell tree', we's

    >gonna mek love all tru de night."


    >The next night he came home and shouted 'Bell One' and she

    >stripped naked. 'Bell Two' and she jumped on the bed. 'Bell Tree', and

    >started to make love.


    >After a few minutes the wife yelled out "Bell Four".


    >" What de hell is 'Bell Four', woman?"


    >She replied : "Roll out more hose, man, you ain't nowhere near de


  2. ROTFLMAO, good shit :)

    I was nervous at first to read this thread, i thought it was going to be some crazy love story.
  3. ha ha ha lol ha ha ha ha :D

    very funny
  4. heheh!!

    .....that's a NICE way of puttin it huh? :p
    toke on :smoke:
  5. Lol, funny shite. :)
  6. That was really funny haha
  7. lol great just great

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