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    This may be the wrong place to post this, but it's organic so I figured it would be fine. These are some shots of a Jamaican field that I visited in 2008. I've got to share them. They're too pretty not to. All the plants were small and they grow them in between the banana trees. We had to walk 5 miles through the jungle to get to them. My dad has a charity there that builds school houses for children. Its pretty cool. They buy big metal shipping crates and cut holes in them for doors and windows, then they weld them together to make a building. They're so cheap that they can buy many and build a lot of schools than they would if using standard building materials. They also supply books, school supplies, desks, ect... The people that run the school introduced us to their friends who took us here.

    jamaica, butkus, six flags 030.jpg

    Here's is a not-clear picture of drying buds in a little hut next to the field

    jamaica, butkus, six flags 033.jpg [/ATTACH]

    The little ones

    jamaica, butkus, six flags 042.jpg

    And now the bud porn. It's all organic. Jamaicans are too poor to buy chemicals. The use what is available to them naturally. They said their main fertilizer was composted chicken shit. These plants looked so good I couldn't believe he wasn't hiding a bottle of Fox Farm Grow Big somewhere.The weed in Jamaica is so thick and dense. It is the stickiest that I have ever seen. The texture of it is sponge-like. You can't crumble it. too sticky. If you try to roll a joint, you have to roll it really big and loose because it will stick to itself so tightly that air won't pass through it. I guess it's because of the intense equatorial sun rays that they have.
    that cause the extra sticky

    jamaica, butkus, six flags 045.jpg
    jamaica, butkus, six flags 037.jpg


    Edit: I asked the farmer if he had any names for his pot. He said he had a name for the best one, which he called Farmer's Choice. He said the farmer knows best which strain is the best quality, so in Jamaica calling a strain Farmer's Choice is the best thing you can say about a strain. Kind of like us giving the strain a cannibus cup award

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  2. jamacian, me crazy

    thats some good shit, though. i would have loved to be in your shoes over there.

    do they trim the plants? im not 100% sure but ive heard true rasta's dont trim the leaves & they smoke everything
  3. Some do some don't. The bud I got from this farmer was untrimmed. He sold me 2 branches for $100. I didn't wiegh it, but it had to over an ounce total. I rolled huge spliffs for 5 days straight and had to leave some leftovers that I couldn't finish. If you buy it directly from a farmer, prolly wont be trimmed, but every time i've bought from a guy on the street, it's always cleaned up pretty nice.
  4. Killer experience. That would be awesome to see. I'm not trying to be a hater, but I'm pretty sure the only reason you couldn't roll and smoke a joint properly is because the bud hasn't been dried/cured for long enough. Usually if it's too sticky to smoke it still needs some time to dry. Nevertheless, that looks like some good bud.
  5. Hey man its cool. No offense taken. I kinda figured someone would say that. I've been growing, drying, and curing for 10 years now. I know what wet weed looks, smokes, and feels like. The first time I went to Jamaica 15 years ago, I thought the same. After attempting to roll my usual tightly rolled joint I thought What the fuck! This shit wont burn! So I spent the rest of the time smokin from a hand carved wood pipe. Since then, I've been there 9 times and every time is the same story. No matter who you buy it from. Ive smoked some of the best on the island, but also the shittiest on the island (Dont buy weed at the airport as soon as you get there. Wait till you get to your resort). Nomatter it's quality, it has a certain denseness to it that I've never seen anywhere else. It is unique. There has to be someone else on GC that can back me up on this. Surely Im not the only one who's tasted Jamaican Weed. They dry it in the huts pictured and cure it in banana leaves
  6. just had to stop in and say thats awesome right there:D

  7. I think your both right, it's a humid island, the weed stays a little bit high on humidity and it's dense and that compounds everything......MIW
  8. smoove is a member that has been to Jamaica a few times and actually grows Lambs Bread. Here's a pic of some USA grown Lamb's bread from smoove's thread.

    Ole smoove has been scarce lately, but he's a badass organic grower. Hope y'all enjoy the pics in his thread.

  9. Irie67

    In the mid-80's there were from time to time small batches of Jamaican floating around South Orange County. Some of the best sativa that I've ever smoked and I would include the Thai landrace strains I was working with a few years earlier.

    I was convinced then and remain so convinced that Jamaican is a direct descendent of the Nigerian strains. I worked with a large collection of African sativas and the Nigerian was the best seed lot of all of them. During the slave trade, Nigeria was the major port of embark for ships carrying slaves to the Caribbean.

    Just a theory.

  10. The Jamaican I remember was real dark, almost black. And the bags were always consistent. That may have been the first time I seen lb's that were packed loose rather than brick. I remember it as being good, but best in those days was probably panama red and the Colombians, red and gold. Effects went to the panama red, taste to the C golds. Then in the eighties we got some hawaiian and local stuff came in the picture like northern lights and pinconning paralyzer. Hash was al kinds of flavors red , black, blond all came around from time to time.......MIW. Those were the daze
  11. I've tried multiple strains while in Jamaica. I think that some growers in Jamaica have aquired strains from california, amsterdam, ect...However, nomatter the genetics they are all similar in the way i described above. Thick, dense, and sticky.Something about the environment there does this to any strain that is grown. Therefore, taking Jamaican seeds and growing them indoors in another part of the world, I doubt one could duplicate the same pot. Im sure it would keep most of the same qualities and still be pretty damn good, but impossible to duplicate that environment so also impossible to duplicate the density that Im speaking of. I agree with MIW that the mix of powerful sun and humidity creates a very unique quality. There is definitely a landrace strain that is abundant throughout the island. It is very dark, long, skinny branches that have bud going all the way up the stem. The stone is the strongest Sativa stone I've felt. It is powerful yet energizing alowwing you to laugh your ass off whille keeping you going so you can drink appleton rum all night long. My dad brought some seeds home and tried to grow it. I didn't have my room set up at the time. He sucks at growing and killed it. The next time I go, Im definitely collecting some strains for my little hobby here. LD, I'd say your theory could be pretty accurate. The Brit's brought the slaves there, and being a slave and all, your gonna need some quality weed for stress relief. MIW, LD- Im jealous. I wasn't smoking yet in the 80's. I was like 10 years old then so I never got to try that columbian or panama red. The hash in Jamaica tastes soooo good. Oh the hash. However, you smoke the hash, forget about the energy I spoke of earlier. Your done. Don't take my word for it. Go! Jamaica has got to be one of the cheapest caribean islands to visit. We go for about 500- 1000 per person. Depending on the season. Tip: Go during hurricane season. All inclusive tickets are stupid cheap. We've been during hurricane season many times. Just make sure to watch the weather before you go. Aslo, tickets are twice as expensive anytime school is out. Summer, Christmas, Spring Break. Skip those times or you'll pay $2000 or more per person. Still way cheaper and more beautiful than visiting amsterdam for your cannibus vacation
  12. Panama Red, Panama Red
    He'll steal your woman, then he'll rob your head
    Panama Red, Panama Red
    On his white horse, Mescalito
    He come breezin' through town
    I'll bet your woman's up in bed with
    ol' Panama Red
  13. There was more than one sailboat that came up the Indian river/Sebastian Inlet with a load of that sweet goodness. When I was a kid that Jamaican was the predominant smoke along the A1A route. The legend was the Jamaicans laid out the buds on tarps and sprayed them with a maple syrup and rum solution and that's what gave it the flavor and sticky,wet feel. We at least proved the syrup flavor theory dead wrong when we started growing the seeds from it. The excess moisture was just a result of people too poor to have an air conditioned room to dry it properly. Often, after days at sea stowed away in a cubby hole somewhere it would darken up and begin to have mold. By the time it was being peddled by beachside surfheads it would often not be fit for consumption by todays standards. When we did get lucky enough to score a sack that had been dried well before transport, it would be the most chartreuse colored sackweed I've ever seen.
    There was a thread a while back about Gainesville green, aka mean green and it's lineage. Well, I know for a fact that at least half of it's genetics came from that good ole lambsbread. Most of the breeding was done, not by college professors, but old milwaukee drinkin, baccy spittin rednecks in Holmes Co., about 200 miles to the west of Gainesville. Sorry to get off topic, but those pics took me back in time a bit. Thanks for putting up that link Chunk.

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