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Jamacia Weed Prices?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OG Kushh, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. ok so im goin to jamacia pretty soon for a few weeks, how will i be able to find weed there? and how much is it? pleassse help me! :D
  2. 40-50 a pound of medium quality probably, im sure someone will ask you

  3. Fuck college, i'm moving.
  4. According to We Be High its about $1 for a few grams.
  5. What's the soonest flight from Florida to Jamaica? @.@
  6. brb, moving to Jamaica
  7. Pretty sure they will just come up to you on the street and ask if you want any. That's what happened when i went there
  8. Great website brah!!!!
  9. You'll get offered some as soon as you walk out of the airport lol

    You won't have any trouble I'm sure
  10. They have massive weed farms on the country side of jamacia. so im pretty sure its pretty cheap. you should just sniff the stuff out i bet theirs alot of people who smoke every where in jamacia
  11. Be careful though, it's still illegal there
  12. It may as well be legal there people will try to sell you some no matter where you walk it's honestly easier to get it than in Amsterdam I would guess (never been to the 'dam).

    I only ever found solid mids, never any dank, but it was cheap as fuck I don't remember how much but like $1 for 2-3 I believe.

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