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  1. pretty good, keep practicing. do you know your theory?

  2. yeah man..fairly well
  3. Sounds great, man! Keep it up,I'm really lovin' the tone your getting with that guitar. The drumbeat is very interesting as well!
  4. Thanks a lot man.

    I could talk tone all day! I've put a lot of time and effort (and solder) towards getting the exact tone I want. I don't want to say I'm exactly there, but I sure am close.


    It WAS a highway 1 strat. 2 1978 DiMarzio Dual Sounds for Neck/Bridge and a Dimarzio Super II in the middle - plus 3 3-way switches that switches between series, single, and parallel.

    It gets this beautiful clean, bell-like tone.
  5. whats your pedalboard like?
  6. [​IMG]

    In order-

    Morley wah (rarely used) -> Qtron (I roll off my guitar tone w/ this and I get a nice horn sound for when I'm feeling more like Coltrane ;)) -> MXR Distortion + (more of an overdrive than distortion) -> DL-4 (I use the looper playing solo acoustic and use the delay effects when I'm tripping haha)

    MXR Phase 90 -> Danelectro Flanger -> Boss Digital Reverb/Delay RV3 thru effects loop

    Rarely use that Boss RV3 nowadays. It sounds WAYYYY too digital for my tastes, but every now and then it surprises me with some crazy awesome sounds.
  7. The Qtron is my favorite. That thing is a hell of a lot of fun. Very temperamental though. You really have to dial in your sound each time you use it - not a set it & forget it pedal.

    It doesn't like changes in volume. Theres a G-spot for it and if you play too loudly or too quietly (in relation to the settings you have dialed in the qtron) you don't get that *QUACK*

    In the process of installing a unity gain buffer/OBEL on my axe to take care of that problem. That however comes AFTER a nice new JBL Aluminum dustcap speaker.

  8. I'm pretty sure I've posted these clips somewhere on here before buttttt....

    This is an nice example of my guitars tone - a clean tone that pushes the pre-amp to clip

    An example of Qtron in use (about mid-way thru the clip). You'll hear that there's more or less 'quack' depending on my attack instead of being constant (which is what I'd like).

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