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  1. so hey whats going on guys,
    i really like to listen to jam band radio stations online when im smoking but i wanted to know some names of some good jambands that tour the east coast because i want to go to some of there shows and maby pick up some decent acid and get some good weed. Not that i cant get good weed but i just want to get into the whole jam band experience ya know and ive always loved that type of music?? Ive always been a huge fan of sublime, slightly stoopid, and the supervillans but i wanted to expand my musical knowledge. I was thinking ratdog but i dont know if i would actualy find acid there sence i figure most of the fans would be older and not do acid any more??

    just help me out by recomending some good jam bands to check out and maby find some good acid,
    In other words which shows would i have an easyer time finding acid at?
  2. PGroove, The Pnuma Trio, Lotus, EP3, Telepath, Umphrey's McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Dark Star Orchestra (not really a jamband, but awesome none the less), PictureMeFree.

    I love jam music.
  3. yeah pretty much said it all. Disco Biscuits put on reall good shows, Same with STS9. Keller Williams is really cool to watch live but if your tripping you probly want something with light shows so id go with sts9
  4. I just saw RatDog for the third time last night and they disappointed once again. There's some good suggestions above.

    I've seen a lot of acid at Umphrey's McGee and the Disco Biscuits (and they're also awesome bands)
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    Wayne krantz. What other jam bands try to be....

  6. were you disappointed because the show sucked, or because you remember how awesome the grateful dead were?

    i'm too young to have seen the grateful dead live so ANY dead type experience blows me away. so far i've seen DSO, ratdog and phil lesh & friends...all amazing.
  7. Some of my favorites:

    Umphrey's McGee
    Disco Biscuits
    Keller Williams
    Sound Tribe Sector 9
    Toubab Krewe

    Oh and by the way, you should have absolutely no problem finding ole Lucy at a Ratdog concert. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe check out some of the guys walking aroundselling hippie clothes and stuff.
  8. The Brew, they are so so so amazing live. They tour the New England area, and possibly the whole east coast. Look them up, they are a prime band to see live, so so good at jamming :smoke: Man I wish Phish was still together, I would kill to see them live.
  9. UMPHREY"S MCGEE!!!! Possibly the greatest band ever IMO. Seen them 13 times they blow my mind like none other. I don't know how they can do what they do. And they can fit so many styles together and make it work. Their songwriting ability is astounding. and they just keep getting better and better.

    also check

    disco biscuits
    the new deal
    yonder mountain string band
    keller williams
    umphrey's mcgee
    the macpodz
    umphrey's mcgee

    dso sounds so much like the dead it scared me

    ratdog seems really inconsistent to me, but come on, it's bob weir, nobody plays like that except him

    phil and friends is great too, but I miss the lineups with Jimmy Herring and Barry Sless

    watch out bc theres a shit ton of crappy jambands too, and I will refrain from naming them so I don't piss off any fanboys;)

    and don't be the douche who goes to shows for drugs please, people like that can ruin shows. Concerts are for MUSIC and if you gotta be high or trip to have fun there, you don't like the music and you're probably the annoying. girls we had to stand next to at Umphreys when they played charterone. No respect for others or music. Why do they even come....

    that said I smoke at damn near every show I go to, but I don't go to score droogs or get spun or fucked up or whatever. I listen to the same shit sober. I just love it and pot gives me different perspectives of it.

    oops.....sorry about rant:eek:

    p.s. anyone heard the breakfast? I never heard of them until I saw there guitarist cover phish's reba, with the entire compsed section, on solo acoustic:eek: I wanna hear him in a band!

    pps don't throw shit (read: glowsticks) nobody likes getting pelted with chunks of plastic. these are NOT phish shows! and don't talk the whole time, seriously so many peole don't even face the stage bc they're talking to friends.

    Jambands can be great, but some of the "fans" really blow

    ok goddamit I just keep going, I'm done

    EDIT : lol no I'm not, you can't see them, but listen to phish and the dead! Thats the roots of these bands!
  10. damn dude, sounds like all the shit i listen to. Nice choices man, i saw lotus, keller, phil lesh, yonder, stealin strings, railroad earth all this summer. FUCking sweet if i might say so myself. ANyways dude, idk if u dig some bluegrass jam but check out yonder mountain string band
  11. uncle wally i definatley hear u on the assholes who go to shows to score drugs, but im just sayin i go to a show usually score some good doses or come trippin and have a sweet ass time and dont annoy anyone, people probably wouldnt even know im tripping balls. Anyways ive gone to shows sober and high and its an awesome experience either way.
  12. ya well i dont want you to think im the asshole who goes to score drugs. I mean thats just an added bonus and a big on at that. I always love jam music because i play guitar myself and love to have a good jam session with a few friends. I just never really knew any of the bands. Im just kinda get embarased when asking fans some names of good bands cuz they usualy give me a wierd look and i feel like an idiot.
    But whatever its all good.
    Ohh and another thig that sucks is that i dont really have any friends that like jam music. Most off em listen to rap and i mean i do too but i listen to alot of different shit too
  13. yeah dude I think tripping at shows is great, I just hate the people who get so fucked up they have no idea whats going on. they just stumble around and yell or bug you and talk and then pass out/puke on you. It's like why are you here?

    people just gotta control themselves, and enjoy the music:smoke:
  14. Shit I forgot about Railroad Earth! Nice call. Check this out http://www.archive.org/details/RRE2005-04-16.sdb.partialset2.flac16

    It's the 2nd set of this RRE show and Phil lesh sits in the whole time. The seven story mountain is beautiful.

    And I'm seein yonder in october!:hello:
  15. dave matthews band, widespread panic, tea leaf green, yonder mountain string band, keller williams, sts9, umphreys mcgee, string cheese incident
  16. yea hopefully ill be able to see em they come to milwaukee in october with stealin strings
  17. Perpetual groove is horrendously underrated. Get any shit from amberland 2008 and you will be blown away. Their shows are also very good, if not phenomenal. Brock Butler is a beast. I need his seed.
  18. Widespread Panic:eek: is INSANE! Listen to them.
  19. i'm seeing bisco in burlington vt on 2/27 and lotus in nyc 4/10 and 4/11, should blow my mind as usual. for any of you who haven't been converted to lotus, check out escaping sargasso sea, in my opinion the best live jamtronica album out there right now.
  20. Yonder Mountain in Vancouver on 4/20!!! Hoping to meet some cool folks up there while celebrating the holiday.

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