Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ryanistheryan, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. im back. was locked up for a few days met a lot of people a lot of crackheads a lot of everything. awaiting probation haven't smoked in weeks my love goes out too all the people in there who are being transfered everyday from court to jail i just needed to post somthing.. i feel wierd and lucky right now and those leg cuffs hurt :mad:
  2. why did u get locked up
  3. i wont say exactly why because its pretty embrassing.. but reckless endangerment to the 2nd degree.. i had the state against me but got a decent lawyor.. killed my bank account
  4. ouch... sucks bro.. keep fighten em
  5. Man that sucks, jail is harsh man. Hope you stay outta there, peace
  6. apart from locking up rapists and real criminals as such, wtf do police and the law system do but cost money and bring misery ect and generally just fuck up lives? :mad:

    i hope your case goes well, i couldnt imagine being stuck in prison.
  7. just tell us... we dont care if its emarrasing or not.
  8. i got locked up for racing on the highway, that was the stupidiest shit ever so mine is worse than yours , i got areested for peeling out in a parking

    fucking gay
  9. haha i've been in your shoes, i've done 6 months for assault w/ a deadly weapon.
    Yeah but a few days isn't shit :/
  10. And your name is Peaceful Rocker?
  11. Sorry to hear. Hopefully you can smoke once again :)
  12. gman ur sig is wicked cool

    oh and gl with the law. i had a run in recently myself. last court date on apr 6

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