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    So I got pulled over and Rawlings Wyoming all right outside of it going a hundred in a seventy five and I'm suppose to have to go to jail for 3 days does anyone know if I miss my court date will they issue a bench warrant to Idaho

    Or will they just suspend my license? Alsp when i had the chance to pay bond he didnt mention jail until after he wrote the ticket. An he said my chev cavalier was a motorcycle
  2. Jail for 25 over? That's harsh!

    What do you mean he said your car was a motorcycle?
  3. Does jail not require conviction of a crime? What happened to Due Process? I've never heard of anyone getting jail time from a ticket...
  4. Not extremely surprising. I know in some localities, 20 over is considered reckless, and they can arrest you for it. I do find it rather interesting that they wrote a citation and let you go, then expected you to go to jail though.
  5. Yeah like wtf an Why didn't you tell me that was the possibility of what was going to happen to me when I have the option to pay the bond
  6. 3 days aint shit....just remember when its bed time....
    "night night keep your butthole tight" bet dudes in Wyoming jails would be like "ey boy you got a purdy mouth"
  7. Talk to circuit court this morning and now I just have to send in my payment wooo

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