Jaguars game 2nite!!

Discussion in 'General' started by jomoyo069, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. i cant wait til the first jags game 2nite even if its preseason.. its gonna be crazyy.. playin against atlanta who suck.. so even with the backups its gonna be rapage.. and cokehead matt jones will be able to prove hisself
  2. You'll have fun watching the first quarter. After that though... I would just turn it off.
  3. Hell yea jaguars for life, I live in jacksonville and go to school in tallahasse. Gotta love them jags. Oh and today is my 21st birthday so i get to watch the first jags game of the preseason on my freaking birthday. Greatness.
  4. cant turn it off.. im gonna be at the stadium.. and i gotta watch the backups.. ya dig
  5. happy bday man, hope u have fun
  6. this should be a good game.
  7. Good afternoon.

    Matt Ryan.

    That is all.
  8. matt ryan is garbage..

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