Jagged Edge Glass 14Mm Custom Rig

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  1. Jagged Edge Glass
    -14mm 2 slit open bottom fixed downstem
    -Double Layered Section
    -Hand Ground/Worked Male Joint
    -Too many Millies
    -2 opals
    -Matching Dome
    Chris who owns Jagged Edge Glass made this custom rig for me a few days ago. Thing purrs, looks so cool pics dont even do it justice.


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  2. that's legit man, sweet hook-up!
  3. hey thanks man Imma try to get a Video up at some point
  4. That you pure? What happened to your thread?

    How much did that piece of art run ya?
  5. Damn that's a gorgeous piece.

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  6. Beautiful man you should post it in the heady thread if you didn't already.

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