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Jacksonville, Orlando or Key West, FL, anyone? :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katey, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Visiting my best friend in Jacksonville soon (I'm in the UK) and she doesn't know anyone in the area to buy from, so hoping we'll get lucky somewhere! Not asking if you sell or anything, of course, but advice for where we could go? Really don't fancy trying to shove a little into my makeup bag and getting busted in security lol

    Gonna be road tripping to Orlando for a few days and then Key West for a few more too, so advice for there would be amazing also!

    Not really keen on heading too far into the ghetto or doing anything particularly dangerous but don't want to get funny looks if we ask around either. Current plan is just flirt with barmen til we get a hookup but I'm a fat nerd and that just won't end well for my self esteem. :D

    Finding some toke buds would be fun too! :smoke:

    Nice to meet you guys :)
  2. i used to live in jacksonville bro, wayyyy easy to get hook ups.
    just ask around, usually the people who look like they smoke, SMOKE.
    go to long horn, amd ask the waitress's most of them smoke or know somebody who does. do you know what side of town you will be staying in?
  3. ucf, not too hard anywhere around there

    I live in one of the other 2 cities and it sucks, and I've been to the one I don't live in and it's aight. Trust me dude, Key West. Been there, it's awesome.
  5. Thanks guys! I head over there in a week and we're just going to scout around and see if we can ask people :) Keep your fingers crossed for us that we don't get ripped off hah some silly little English tourist wandering in and asking about weed... I wouldn't blame them haha
  6. I'm looking for some pretty decent bud as well… I would like to some exotic shit like Blueberry, AK-47 or hell OG!

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