Jacks links pipe

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  1. Hello. I am kinda new to the forum. I was lookin at my canister of jerky chew and i thought "I can make this a pipe." So here i am. I have a basic idea of what i want to do. But i was just wondering if any one has had this idea and weather it worked or not. Thanx :)
  2. Maybe dent the top and just poke holes in it? And make a big hole in the side and stick a pen through it and inhale through that?
  3. Its plastic :( and i know the whole "dont smoke outta plastic" thing But i have a way to Not make the plastic smoke. i will be doing that with an altoids tin tho
  4. You are...creative.
  5. 1. Get Jack links can.
    2. Gather tools for pipe making.
    3. Eat Jack links.
    4. ???!?!!???
    5. Smoke Jack links beef pipe. Cooler than it sounds.
  6. XD. Its cuz im bored and i really want something to do. and i think that if it works it would be cool to show off
  7. i wouldn't do this man even if your not burning the plastic the heat from the smoke will still cause it to release chemicals

    maybe make it as novelty but i wouldn't use it
  8. Yea I didnt really plan to use it. Just wanted a cool lookin pipe. I will make one out of an altoids tin (For the record it is made of steel not aluminum).

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