Jack's 321 and lime colored leaves

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  1. I'm new to Jack's 321 and have some concerns:

    I have the environment dialed in almost perfectly. Humidity, CO2, Ph, PPM's, temps, lights, etc... are ALL well within the recommended range.

    The nutrient solution is chilled to 65 degrees and the EC/PPM's are EXACTLY as recommended by Jack's.

    EC of 2.4 and PPM's of 1200 (500 scale) and 1680 (700) scale. Using hydroton as media in Air Pots.

    These were young Wedding Cake clones that are now in early veg on 18/6 light cycle. I use well water that has an EC of .09 and <50PPM's. The water is really good!


    IMG_4778.JPG IMG_4780.JPG
  2. whats your CO2 and humidity ranges?
  3. 55% - 60% RH and 750-1000 PPM's CO2. The room fluctuates just a little but doesn't swing too far in either direction.

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