Jacks 10-30-20 (no Calcium) first week of Flowering 12/12?

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  1. I can not find any logic to this Cannabis Feed Shedule (from Jacks Cannabis Feed schedule on wibsite) other than if the Plant some how stops using Calcium as a response right away to the Light Switch to 12/12? Which I highly doubt....

    However since lately I almost always seems to delelop mild Potassium Deificency right around 2-3 Weeks Flowering I have considerede it might be a way to allow for easier K uptake for the first 2 weeks of flowering by removing the Antagonist of K Calcium?

    Otherwise it makes bascially no sense to me unless Calcium is that Mobile that the Plant can draw it and otherwise doesn't need it for a week?

    Why would one remove the most important seconday Nutrient for any amount of time???
  2. 10 30 20. . I would pass on it all together . The numbers are just to far off in my opinion to be a good choice for cannabis . My opinion. I think you will run into issues at all stages with this nutrient .
    Also keep in mind if you do not know already . If this is a powder . The jacks i know is . Once you add it into the water it lowers the ph DRASTICALLY . Forcing you to add acid to raise the ph back up .
    I quit using all power nutrients . Liquids most of them are ph perfect . Hope some of this helps you .
  3. WE are talking about it for One Week here....
  4. Jacks 10-20-30 has grown a lot of pot over the years, mostly in soil. It's not the Ca that is the problem, it'e the excess N. In nature plants have no turn off switch for N and will consume all that is available. By then they are about ready to flower.
    Some in hydro now run the same formula germ to harvest (Jacks 321). I find the Ca need is more result of your tap water than anything else. So, if your leaves are not going rusty, you probably don't need the added calcium.
    I personally have always used calmag with Jacks. Jacks and Calmag. My flower form now is 600ppm Jacks Finish and 300ppm Root City Calmag (or whatever calmag is on hand.)
    Jacks schedule is what a typical pot plant needs if the water doeds not contain excessive calcium carbonate.
    The Jacks 321 makes it's own calmag with 2 parts calcium nitrate and one part epsom. But for some reason it never works for me and as soon as I switch back to expensive liquid calmag the plants thrive.
  5. i take banana peels hot water and molasses and seal it in a mason jar in a cool dark place for 3 days then use a cheesecloth to get all that beautiful juice out and mix that with my ph water once a week or so during flower and i havent really had K deficiency not sure if the juice does any good but my plants seem to like it and i dont use powders except when i mix my soil and once to top dress
  6. I gave mu opinion. If you like it use it . Keep it green stay legal .

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