Jackmann7's Weed Farm: Bagseed Experiment

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  1. Whats up GC,

    So its time for an outdoor grow. I am doing a bagseed experiment, each seed is from a different bag. I have 11 germinated seeds starting under cfls. I am hoping for at least 5 females, All of my plants will be put outside probably after a week under the cfls.

    This is going to be a soiless organic grow

    I am using:

    Promix - Ultimate Organic mix (vermiculite or however you spell it, was added)

    Probably 3-5 pots for the females

    Either fox farm or other organix nutes

    *I used Fox Farm indoors and was very impressed

    Pics, Dont know how to put them in

    Photo-0007.jpg picture by jackmann777 - Photobucket

    Photo-0010.jpg picture by jackmann777 - Photobucket

  2. Does anyone know if moving the seedlings outside when they were under the cfls for a day because my bulbs fell and broke (not on the plant) So will any of the 11 survive under the new jersey sun this time of year
  3. well if your not not referring to temperature, yes u can move seedlings in and out without problems. just make sure temps arent too cold in the nights (check for frost warnings in your area)
  4. I put my germd planted seeds out on monday, it rained yesterday night and its gonna rain tonight, one of the pots doesnt have drainage holes, is this gonna be a huge problem

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