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Jacking off While High

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Kreamykush, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. haha stoned jackin it is the best
  2. yep, definitely feels better when you are high lol.
  3. The first time I jacked off while high was by accident. I was high, and I was bored. So what to do? Jack off...

    But once I realized how the two makes fireworks and HUGE orgasms, I actually PLANNED my jack off sessions from then on...

    Set the place, set the room, set the lubes... porns... and roll the joints...

    And my 'jack off while high' session always begins with me, lighting up a joint, naked, standing in front of a mirror, slowly waking up my dick to come out and play...
  4. mmm... I love me a woman with teeth filed to a points
  5. I never really watch porn anymore it doesn't turn me on..

    I just use my imagination and get off that way, when Im stoned its amazing..

    I hate jacking off tho its just boring and Its hard to get off...
  6. Agree with most the posts here..

    I lather up my brain with internet porn and then go finish up into the toilet. Works great since I have this soft ass rug for my knees, the bathroom is connected to my room, and no jerk rags to hide/stink up the garbage..

    sometimes though, if I do it to it, and go straight to bed, all I can see when I close my eyes is PORN.. not necessarily the porn I just watched, but my brain just starts making this awesome, non-stop porn clips.. but since I already blew my load, it's mostly just disturbingly vivid and not arousing..
  7. For me, jacking off high is about the 'physical sensation' on my dick.

    The porns are just to get it started.

    Once the dick gets hard, I would try to feel the sensation on it... like how my hands slide over it with the help of the lube... how it feels when I jack it all the way down... and then slide it back up.

    And it's also about the viewing pleasure.

    I just love how my dick looks on me. Especially when it's hard and lubed.

  8. hahaha, this is so homo <3

    Man, I've cum hard jacking off high. It's amazing. The best ones are when I read erotica, and then as I get into it more and more, my mind takes over and gives me a great fantasy.

    The good ones are when you're done, you can stop thinking how damn hard you just came!
  9. Jerking off while high in the shower was always a great start to the day for me. I always had one this self-satisfying smirk on, or maybe it was just the weed. I don't know but I love beating off while high :)
  10. [​IMG]
  11. It always starts with tryin to find sum decent stuff on the internet, but always ends watching funny videos on metacafe! Well maybe its jus me i get bored loose focus
  12. LOL @ the people quoting me, I meant it as a joke.

    or did I? :
  13. being high and getting off is the best. can't think of anything better :smoking:
  14. Its awesome to find out that Im not alone thinking that this shit is the best.....I personally prefer getting high and jacking off cus I can really let myself off, that I wouldnt be able with any partner :D u know I dont like to show off my emotions and this shit is just perfect for me....actually I think Im getting addicted to jacking off while high and not the grass......btw I found a little improvement that might help you all aswell, so I get high, then I go watch some porn and jack off but dont cum, just turn myself on, then I take my Fleshlight out (its a fake pussy, google it and check it out its awesome) Im telling you theres nothing better than fucking your fake pussy in your bed while high :D just try it !!! :D
  15. ^^^^^^^^
    Lmfao!!! But have to admit does sound tempting.
  16. haha fuck yeah the orgasm last like 10 minutes :yay:

  17. Hahahaha, that cracked me up.

    I was just going to post a thread on this but utilized the search function lol..I get really distracted and start to gaze off at the adds while I'm still jerking it lol
  18. I can't lie. This is a great discovery. For me I pack a bowl, put on some porn, but before too long when the high hits me I get bored and switch to erotica. During/afterwards I'll hit up another bowl, and as that high hits I'm out smokin a cig. Insanity.
  19. every time for real.
    no but really it is amazing because it's like you feel EVERYTHING.
  20. I agree. The first time I discovered jacking off high:

    I will say, though, that since then it's just like any other time now unless I'm mad baked, then it's still awesome. Fuck what am I saying, it's awesome reguardless.

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