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Jacking off While High

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Kreamykush, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. I know I'll probably get a bunch of shit heads saying the real thing is better, well for the days that I'm home alone and nothing is popping, I usually smoke a bowl depending on my mood how much i smoke. I then turn to my computer and jack off, its the best thing next to real sex, put 2 and 2 together and you have the best trip of your life. :smoke:

    Anyone else agree?
  2. Hell yeah, that shit is awesome, I don't care what anyone says, haha.
  3. I remember meeting this one guy once that said that when he smoked, he was addicted to jacking off. Like, he'd bust a nut, and five minutes later he'd still be horny as fuck, and he'd jack off again. He said it got so bad that he couldn't smoke any more cause it'd be the only thing he did the whole time.

    Fucking creepy.
  4. yes, the first time jacked off when high was like finding a pot of gold lol, it almost feels like the woman in the vid ur watching is actually sucking u off or ridin u, every now and then when i chillin home alone, ill pack a bowl and jerk off.

  5. LOL...

    Im with you my friend..

    Some days if the missus is out for the day, i skin up, light up, fire up the ole online porn and jack the shit out of it...:)

    Strange thing though is i dont like porn movies when stoned and spend my time looking at pics instead...

  6. lol same, I get bored watching movies. Its just like the same movement for 20 minutes, may as well just make a gif out of it and watch it.
  7. Oh, and this will undoubtedly be moved to Pandora's Box, lol.
  8. No, it belongs in the one labeled 'sexuality'.

    I don't masturbate, your mom does it for me:p Sorry.
  9. Er, yeah that makes more sense.

    Also, thanks my mom is dead. :|

    Kidding, :D but you want me to hook you up? She's 450 lbs and a body builder, she has turrets, prosthetic legs and teeth filed to a points. Eh? Eh? :ey:
  10. Yep, don't give a shit. Tis the only action I'm gettin' after all. :(

    Uh, how sad...

    It is pretty great though. Sometimes I lose focus LOL and it takes me like 50 mins to get the job done... I look at the clock and I'm like... wtf... it's a constant cycle of erect-flaccid-erect-flaccid... I agree with the movies thing ^ repetitive sometimes... too hard to focus on fast motions... I can just imagine them instead.

    This better be in the Box; I can't have any members who frequent General seeing this... they'll think I'm disgusttttting. I must not chaf - er, tarnish my reputation... yes...
  11. I can easily masturbate high... after a while ill give it up if taking too long because I'm usually faded and exhausted.

    But.. i cannot watch porn while high.. it just looks way too awkward to me in my mind...

    dont get me wrong, i LOVE porno just like the next dude, but when im high my mind works differently, not just with pornos but with movies, tv shows, etc.

    I perceive it differently. This is why i masturbate before i smoke hahahahah
  12. I can't watch porn while I'm high. It just looks so corny and all acted out... and i'll be jerkin my chicken for like 2 hours until I get to the point where I'm like, "This is taking to fucking long." and just get on GC
  13. Wacking it high is fun to do, but high sex is really hard to top. Sometimes i enjoy being so damn horny when high, sometimes it annoys me. :cool: And yea, porn is laughable high. Laughing kills erections, end of story.
  14. it's funny how every single person mentions watching porn like it is just part of masturbation

    whatever happened to bangin one out in the shower with your good ole imagination? :laughing:
  15. we don't have to imagine anymore. The internet does that for us!

  16. "In my day, we used to have to think of hot girls to jerk it, with NO LUBE uphill both ways in the shower"

  17. except you don't trip from weed.. people think you trip from weed ( cause its a hallucinogen, technically) but once you've done a real psychedelic ( name DMT) you will understand THAT YOU DO NOT TRIP FROM EVEN THE STRONGEST OF WEED
  18. I get freaked out by porn when I'm high because I can tell their paid actors and then I'm like "am I so high I'm imagining this and it's actually normal looking?" then I go flaccid and usually try to find some chips.

  19. .... in the snow!

    :laughing: classic
  20. ive never done this while high because when im home high i'm usually eating and who wants to masturbate while eating? i might try it one day

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