Jacking off while high?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by medicinaltoker, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. How does it feel is it really as good as people say it is?
  2. you could just jack off while you're high :smoking:
  3. yes...yes it is.
  4. And plug yo b-hole w/ a nugg of your choice for an amazing climax.:D
  5. Why don't you just try it? :confused:
  6. It feels good but I wonder who does a blowjob feel when you're high cause I never had one before?
  7. I try not to jerk it high, ends up killing it, but it does feel good. takes me a lot longer though
  8. That's hysterical, good one.
  9. Seriously though.
  10. Any form of sex while high is the best thing ever. Not only do you have an orgasm in your genitals, but in your brain too. Just try it.

  11. Almost too good.

    It's not a pretty sight. Lots of convulsing :laughing:

  12. wait,seriously?
  13. :confused_2:

    I might be alone on this.. but jerking off, getting blow jobs, having sex all feels exactly the same when I'm sober and when I'm high.

    As a matter of fact, when I'm high, I don't like to have sex at all.

    When I'm high my sex drive goes way down.

  14. Yeah, it seems like it's split with people. For some, it makes sex so much better (I'm in this camp) and for others it just does nothing for them
  15. I don't know.. It's just when I smoke my mouth becomes really dry and kind of stinky. and I imagine their mouth is the same.. then I start thinking about what sex is, and I try to do what I'm supposed to do. Then it just gets awkward.


    I think it's because I start thinking too much. I lose the mindless passion.

    The last person I was with didn't let me smoke until after we had sex. :laughing: cause they knew I wouldn't be in the mood after.
  16. Being high or even drunk actually inhibits your sex drive, sometimes it's just a placebo effect being people think it'll feel better because you're high or drunk.
  17. jacking off, while high, while driving.

    while smoking a cig. ooooooooooo yeeeeeaaaaaah
  18. jacking off kills your high

  19. Jacking off does feel better high. Thats not placebo effect.
  20. anything involving my vag is great when I'm high

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