Jackie Chans new movie, The Medallion, looks so good!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. NOT!!! hahaha... WTF, chan doesnt do his stunts anymore? its a bunch of animated shit! his only good movies were rush hour 1 and 2... i mean the others were ok, but in that "omg this is so cheap and look, his talking is off beat with his lips" type of way. they were funny... just in a different way than rush hour. discuss.
  2. i dunno I never like Chan. Jet Li is where the martial arts is AT.
  3. that and ' the tuxedo' wtf is jackie chan thinking? Hes a good actor, rush hour 1/2 were GREAT, now hes ruining it with crouching tiger type bs..ah well
  4. jackys oldschool he's had more good movies then rush hour 1 and 2

    super cop
    legend of drunken master
    snake and crane

    after you get old is ok to sell out.
    everyone in it for the money.
  5. yall obviously havent seen his older movies. rush hour was ok, but it was TAME compared to what he did in chinese films.

    without all those silly safety regulations, he could go crazy.
    check out:
    police story <--- imo the best jackie chan film; amazing
    drunken master <--- the 2nd one (legend of drunken master) was more jackie chan style (using environment to fight etc), but the first one had some amazing kung fu..

    i must say if ur gonna see ONE chan movie see police story if u can find it in ur blockbuster.. some dont have it =/

    o ya, the reason his movies are getting worse and worse. hes at least 50 yrs old. can u imagine a 50+ year old jump across buildings with no wires? also hes had too much exposure to american film making. all the special effects mean he doesnt have to risk his life performing stunts anymore.. and i doubt he WANTS to go back to the old way after seeing how much safer (though less entertaining) the new way is
  6. ill never forget the movies supercop and legend of drunken master 1 & 2...wow...good stunts and martial arts...rent legend of drunken master, that shit is very crazy!

    Yeah jackie chan has the right to sellout now, that guy is getting old and he still kicks ass in my book. I watch ed a whole documentry about him, fucked up life.
  7. huh, hes fucked up? What happened?
  8. Yea Chan is a sell out i think but heres some thing i bet non of you knew!

    Jackie Chan apeared in the Movie "Enter The Dragon" for a breif 10-15 seconds when he was a body gaurd attempting to attack jet li .
  9. man he didnt "sell out" its just that american film making and the advances in computer gfx and safety equipment make it so he doesnt have to risk his life everytime he shoots for a film. its hard to ditch all that comfort and go back to jumping across buildings with no wires... especially if ur 50+ years old.

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