Jackie Brown

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    I like this movie more than Pulp Fiction. It's absolutely fuckin spectacular.

    Probably one of the best roles Samuel Jackson has played.

    And I mean, what other movie has Robert DeNiro smoking a bong?

  2. Ha no doubt, I loved it when De Niro got asked if he wanted to fuck by that girl and then 3 minutez the guy was done
  3. I liked Pulp Fiction more, but Jackie Brown is a great movie.

    My son is named Quentin, so you could say we're fans, lol.
  4. ive been watching it nightly for about a week, and ive conlcuded its my 2nd favorite tarantino film after pulp fiction. the music, the characters, the dialogue. this film is perfect.
  5. I have to admit, Max Cherry creeps me out. Reminds me of my old high school gym teacher.
  6. lol... 'i didnt hear you wash your hands...'
  7. I love Jackie brown, even if it gets compared to pulp fiction every time anyone mentions its name its still a great movie.
    Quentin tarantino needs to get back to crime movies like jackie brown.
  8. I enjoyed it.
  9. Last Night I watched the first Half of this movie, because my dad recommended it to me. And noticed that my dad has the same bong as was in the movie but his is white. lolol

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