Jackass 3-D haha YES

Discussion in 'Movies' started by 4Cave2man0, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I saw the commercial

    let me just say

    FUCKING YES :smoke:
  2. I love 3D movies and this one is sure to please!
  3. I laughed my ass off at the commercial so... I cant wait to cry at the movies haha :D
  4. 3d shit, 3d puke, 3d man asses, 3d colons, might be a horror movie in 3d
  5. 3D is dumb and kills your eyes.

    I cannot tell if its 3D or not. It's a scam obviously.
  6. Hmmmm... Not for me.
  7. Why can't we see in 3-D without wearing glasses damnit!:cool:

    That is why I will never own a 3-D TV, I get up from couch to much to put glasses off and on!
  8. I will definitely see this
  9. will it be 3d for 30 sec like every other movie
  10. Most likely just the "stunts" will be in 3-D and then all the bullshit in between wont.
  11. Im stoaked!! Im going stoned for sure
  12. for me,3-D is kinda cheesy :p But I'm totally down to watch the new Jackass,those dudes always make me laugh :laughing:
  13. haha just saw the commercial, not a fan of 3D movies, but def goin to see this ripped as shit fuckin gonna be hilarious
  14. Everytime I hear this song it puts a smile on my face, thinking of all the stupid things they did, all of the laughs they provided me throughout my youth. I will definitely be BAKED for this movie:smoke:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBvaNe04UDw]YouTube - Jackass Theme Song[/ame]
  15. -sigh-

    Time to bust another kidney from laughing.
  16. High Five!!

    *smack* :D
  17. This new 3D trend is completely silly.

    I haven't bothered going to a movie theater and paying $8+ dollars a person to sit around a bunch of other annoying fuckers and watch a shitty movie in probably 6 years or so now. And I'm definitely not going to bother just because a movie is OMG IN 3D.

    That being said, I'm incredibly ecstatic that this 3D trend prompted another Jackass movie, and I will without a doubt watch it as soon as I can.

    Albeit, not in the theater or in 3D. :p

  18. haha wait what?you confused me on that last bit there junkiedays
  19. Lol, sorry.
    Let me try to recap.

    -I hate 3D movies
    -But I love Jackass
    -So the fact that there is another Jackass movie coming out is totally awesome and I will watch the shit out of it.
    -But I won't bother to see it in the theaters because I don't care if it's in 3D.

    Does that make more sense? ;):p

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