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  1. Has anyone else tried Jack3d?

    I started using it a couple weeks ago and it is easily the most intense supplement i've every tried, when i take it i feel like the incredible hulk. The only thing i dont like about it is that it makes me extremely aggressive and tempermental, ive started to sesh when using it as it mellows me out alot. Has anyone else noticed how well it works, but unfortunately at the same time how much it makes you want to rock people in the face for no reason?
  2. i take jack3d before i fuck my gf. makes me cum with the force of 1000 dragons
  3. Buy caffeine pills for the same effect, less cost, and less negative side effects.

    But in general, taking stimulants before a workout is... Well it's not a good idea in any sense of the word.

    Your heart should be more important to you than that.
  4. wrong stimulants fire up your cns which improves your mind body connections.
  5. They also fuck with your heart and can lead to several types of heart disfunction.

    You don't need stims to workout, it's fuckin dangerous.

    Like I said, one should worry about the health of their heart.
  6. The stuff is pretty addicting, its nice to be able to throw some powder in your water bottle and BAM, running faster and longer and lifting heavier. Good call on the heart aspect though, after a soccer game it sounds like my heart has subs attached to it and theres one of those little creatures from Alien inside of me.
  7. wouldn't recommend doing cardio on uppers
  8. I still take it, I never do any cardio if I take it. As long as you're able to keep your heart rate at a reasonable level then I see no problem with it.

    For the aggression, I've never really had that as a side effect. Just smoke a bowl or two after if you're feeling like you want to go on a rampage
  9. Im just finishing off this jar then forsaking it, but it is fun while it lasts.
  10. Look for something different anyway, the 1,3 dimethylamylamine in it is being taken off the shelves, so you can't even get jack3d in the near future anyway.
  11. My friend stocked up on it so technically I can, but i'm not that much of a fiend
  12. I've taken jacked Aaand I felt like I was on crack. It took forever to kick in. I took it around 6 and it didn't kick in until about 8. What bullshit.

    Running while taking jacked is the worst. Makes me dry heave. I know other people who have taken it before and run and they threw up.

  13. Running on any pre-workout is not safe. It essentially is a stimulant that increases your heart rate and with a cardiovascular exercise tied in that makes your heart go into overdrive. Not safe.
  14. I like Cellucor C4 Extreme much more than Jack3d :wave:
  15. C4 is pretty solid too, I've never had the dry heaving problem thankfully, only the heightened aggression, which isnt necessarily a bad thing during sports
  16. When I took it, I felt like a beast but after it was gone, I lost all motivation for some reason..

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