Jack Reaper & Alaskan Thunder F**K

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  1. Hello, i have grown in the past using the good old sun and what not but i'm trying to really know more about what i'm doing, i have grown and flowered 2 plants in my life! The Jack reaper plant i'm growning has a rough story to the start, it was just a really really healthy seed i found while grinding up some medicinal flower. I germinated it in a ziplock bag inside some damp paper towels for a few days then made a makeshift pot with some soil from a tree in my back yard (not realizing my dog pee's here) The plant grew FUNKY at first! but after trimming off the weird leaves and getting it re-potted before the first set of fan leaves was even out it had taken flight in the 2 weeks after being potted in new soil. now has a somewhat funny shape due to stunted growth i think, it's at a few days over 3 weeks old and i know it should be a lot bigger like my other plants were at this time. but trimming the ugly leaves it grew at first really helped it grow more and of course the new soil. The A.T.F. plant i started a week and a half ago and it was doing meraculous at it's age it was taller than the jack reaper and spitting out it's 3rd set of fan leaves! What i do is check the soil dailey for enough water, and put it outside in the sun from when i wake up to when the sun goes to sleep, the plants come inside. (i live by a river (even tho in hot arizona it gets chillie at night still). I plan on getting lights and nutrients for them and building a shed for them to grow in! Here are some pics from earliest to current.
    20160228_163637.jpg 1454784961090.jpg
  2. Wouldn't let me upload all my older and current pictures for some reason gave me an error. gonna get new one's so you can just see current photo's it's looking amazing but still a lot smaller than it should be, new nodes every day! now at 3 weeks 2 day's old!
  3. 1457041474316.jpg 1457041622980.jpg 1457041638356.jpg 1457041654306.jpg

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  4. I decided to move them indoors and bought 3 6500k daylight cfls and going to buy 9 more when i get payed, pics of new babies that sprouted, gonna also get 6-12 2500k white light cfls for when flowering comes! No replies here yet hoping to get some help or advice!!!
    1457211577792.jpg 1457211587618.jpg 1457211596250.jpg 1457211602945.jpg

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