jack johnson: on and on

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by PhishPhan, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. just got the CD today... I LOVE IT

    more hand drum work then the last CD. and a few tracks have a very reggae-ish sound to them..

    very enjoyable to drift away with

    anyone else heard it??
  2. Ive only heard the one song on the radio so far. I was never a real big fan of jack johnson, but I have to admit the song of on & on Ive heard does get my foot tapping.
    *then* in Surfer mag, (june) they had an article about him. the article was great, telling of the surf movies he's completed and his surf career as well...I didnt know he was into surfing just as much as everything else that drives him. interesting..
    anyway for those woh may be interested, sound clips etc..
    and if your a fan, I suggest picking up the mag. :)
  3. havent heard his new stuf yet but ive heard his last cd and his first single was great so yea i'll be chekin em out again :)
  4. Dude. His first cd was SO much better. It was more...I dunno. The second one kinda disappointed me.

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