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Jack In The Box.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rowa, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Okay I am not new to smoking at all but I felt like posting here because the Apprentice Toker forum is the silliest. Alright so normally I don't eat fast food because it is gross an greasy, but tonight I was super stoned off a 2 fat cones of mersh, so what am I to do but much out an fall asleep like an ape. Anyways I pulled up to Jack In The Box (I'm a social butterfly) I start talking with the driver through dude, one thing leads to another an I ask him how he's doing and he replies "bored as shit man" an I say "you should be stoned" an he replys "i wish". So when after he takes my money I want for him to come back to the window to hand me my food (4 tacos because they are tiny an 99cents a peice!) an I said to him "when you're down, use this to get high" an I threw him a fat stinky sticky nug of some Super Silver Haze, straight sativa status. Lol an inturn he took my bag back an gave me all sorts of food haha so now my roomate is happy with my earnings haha. So yeah... its not a funny story but hey I made someones life a little easier. :D

  2. Why did you make the same thread twice? You should delete one.

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