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Jack in the box stoner??

Discussion in 'General' started by StarBuded420, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. hahahaaaa jack in the box commercial is totally for stoners. I dont know if anyone posted this yet, if not have a laugh

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jack In The Box Stoner Commercial[/ame]
  2. I Literally just got a bacon ham egg n chz sandwhich from them and bacon cheddar fries
  3. hahahaha.
    ive been to jack in the box like at 11:00 before stoned as fuck with some homies.
    shit was decenttttt
  4. too bad we dont have those around here, or atleast ive never seen one.
  5. its all about the 99c tacos man... im a fiend for those things!
  6. I love that commercial haha, I'm pretty sure he's blazeddd as fuck!!
  7. the closest one to you in south carolina lmao srry
  8. dont have any around here.

    funny commercial hahaha
  9. Theres another jack in the box commercial where he thinks he can order 99 tacos for 99 cents or something. He was higghhh as hell.

  10. post it please?:D
  11. 99 tacos for 2 cents JIB commercial

    [ame=]YouTube - Jack in the Box - 99 tacos commercial - HD[/ame]
  12. I went to jack in the box yesterday, and the day before that. I get a breakfast jack, fries, and a chocolate shake no matter what time it is.

    Hilarious commercial btw.
  13. I just swallowed down my bacon cheddar fries...i dont even think i got a chance to enjoy them.....jeez....if i had like 3 more fries i would be satisfied.
  14. Those commercials are torture when i have the munchies. the closet jitb is about 4-5 states away
  15. "Henh, that's what I was thiiiinking!"

    LOL. Yeah.

    Fast food joints have got to realize... if they cater to us, the stoners, then they will see quite a bit of business. Making commercials like this is one way to do it.

    On a side note, let me see if I can find this Heinz commercial I saw...

    God damn it, I can't find it! It was one where it was a bottle of ketchup pouring a constant stream of red goop over a parade of stoner foods, such as burgers, fries, hotdogs... fuckin' everything.
  16. just from the pictures of the tacos i can tell that they are 99 cents because they just stuff it with a bunch of lettuce and chives....wheres the meat?
  17. haha i love that comercial

    "were u really gunna eat 99 tacos?"

    "no . . . YEEEAAAAAH!"

  18. the tacos don't really look like that. They are delicious though, and you can add bacon!

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