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Jack Herrer x Trainwreck Pick-Up!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by budgie805, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ok so i got a hook up from my homie who was a giant quarter nug that i got for $ the pix posted its down to like under 5 grams....I hope u blades like it...soil grown which i think makes it tastier? Very cerebral..excellent for just kicking back during the day and blazing with ur homies..And it tastes and smells awesome... hope u guys like...
  2. looks really delicious!
    straight fire bruh.

    enjoy enjoy.
  3. That's one bud!? Holy shit, amazing
  4. Dass pretty. It looks like if you shaked it a little it'd fall apart though XD

  5. I know man i near drool..when i hold it and smell it...thanks to all for the love
  6. That cross sounds SUPER BOMB. 2 of my favorite strains in one giant sexy nuglet. Enjoy that :D
  7. Looks good, might make a good sativa high.
  8. That's a pretty nug
  9. sweet jesus that looks beautiful
  10. Thats like perfect . U got a picture of the bud inside?
  11. Dam bro yu grow that???
  12. Damn! Looks so dank enjoy
  13. Mus b a relaxin smoke
  14. Yum, that's a really unique looking nugget.
  15. Thats one of the most ellegant, beautiful nugs ive ever seen!

  16. What do you mean? sorry

    No man my homie did ....

    Thanks for sharin the luv....I actually dont really feel like smoking or further break up this nug....its just beautiful imo. Like a gift from Zeus himself from Mt Olympus
  17. that shit looks dank as fuck

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