JAck herrer veg period

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  1. So i got 2 jack herrer plants along with a white widow one and a el nino...
    But there is a big ass difference between the WW,el nino and the Herrer is quite big
    Herrers are 15 cm tall and the rest is like 25-30cm...Been vegging for a month
    Could it be that the jack is a slowly veg variety ?
  2. I grew a couple of Jacks in my last grow (soil), and there was nothing slow about them.. Since they are Sativa, they got taller than all of the others.

    Could yours have an issue that is causing it to stress and slow down its growth?

  3. temps are steady at 25c fan blowing soil was sterilized and its only the jacks that have the issue altho they are green and healthy they just grow slowly...
    Could it be low nutes ? ive been uping the dose last two waterings got up to about 3-4ml each nutrient...Seems they can handle it and i kinda sw an improvment...Would u say i could turn 12/12 soon ?jacks got about 3-4 leaf sets..
  4. I would let them go a little longer and see if the nutes regime is working,, also to get them a little fuller for the flower cycle. Sometimes patients is needed/required. I also grew an L.A. Confidential in my last grow, and she was certainly smaller than the others and grew very slowly, but that is the strains nature.. You don't get alot from the Confidential, but it sure does pack a punch.
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    i just finished a batch of 10 jack herer...and i agree nothing slow..but then again i guess thats what you're comparing it too...any indica will be "faster" as it has a shorter growth cycle..8-9wks..for indica flower period as apposed to 10-13wks for a sativa...i LST'D and the plant circled the rim of my3gal pot in 4weeks..then 12/12 for 3 different harvest, 3 @ 11wks...3@12wks....4@13wks....12&13 were the same...

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