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Jack Herrer and Blueberry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WGPsmoker420, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Hey I just found someone with some Jack Herrer and BlueBerry which do you suggest I buy there both $50 an eighth thanks.
  2. blueberry is ALWAYS my choice :smoke:
  3. Well, if your looking for a awsome tasting weed that will get you a nice high, go with the blueberry.

    If your looking for bud that will wreck you, go with the JH.. That is some potent bud.

  4. jh would be my choice
  5. i'd go for herer forrsure, i've had blueberry a loved it but herer is wayy harder for me to get and i wanna get knocked out, so i'd get it. :smoking:
  6. JH is going through my town now, it's pretty crazy
  7. i'd get the JH both both strains are some fire...
  8. I would love to get blueberry because its my favorite, but when Jack Herer is in the picture, you have to go with the Jack.
  9. jh will knock u out
  10. its funny, here in bc dealers never tell us the name of the strains of weed they sell us. Its just always good and gets you wrecked for cheap ass prices.
  11. jack herer deff.

  12. All the dealers I go through never know the strain. Only the ones who grow it. I dont really care though. As long as its good:smoking:
  13. blueberry, but ive never actually had jh, so dont listen to me obviously
  14. jack herrer of course
  15. 50 an 8th is a normal price for headies, I'd say go for it, I haevn't had either of those but hear good things about both.
  16. this is dumb As per the forum rules, please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) or nonsense posts. This is the second one of your posts I've seen like this. No more warnings. Indianatoker--City Admin
  17. go with the jack, its a knock out for sure

  18. Same over here but its always good.
  19. I remember an experience I had with JH. Now that I think about it, I am seeing it more clear.

    First day of school, go down to the bus stop, and my boy is like whats good wana smoke, so I was like yeah but we better do it quick cause the bus is going to come. So he pulls out a blunt, he's like this is some JH that so and so has.

    So I was like alright leme try it, little did I know how potent it was but, when the bus finally did come, about halfway through the blunt, I was wrecked. I remember sitting in the back of the bus, saying the wheels on the bus go round and round, lmao. Good times. =)
  20. Well said. JH is less common then Blueberry, I find, as well. So put some thought into that.

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