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Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Th3PurpleHaz3, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. #1 Th3PurpleHaz3, Sep 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2009
    Yes yes, Kush is the shit but honestly everybody around here has been getting so much Kush lately, that I decided to drop a little sometin for some Jack Herer. I just wanted some different piff, something I havent smoked in a while..

    Upon first inspection it looked like good dank but we are always skeptical. The nug was dense, dark (almost purple shaded hairs at parts), with so much crystals on it I thought i was in a sugar factory.

    Man was it worth it. :hello:
    Me and my buds went into the basement of a parking lot and rolled up about .8 in a Dutch. Little did we know that we rolled way too much, and we could barely finish it.

    From the first puff, it hit me... and tasted amazing. I just wanted to cover myself in it, cuddle with it, sleep with it. The first ten minutes were so intense, like something I havent felt in a while. Reminded me when you were in gr. 9 smoking for the first time..the cerebral high was awesome. There was even a ten minute pause in the circle where we just all individually started thinking. We were straight tripping.

    I usually drive home right after, but I honestly had to wait a while. And then the next 2-4 hours were an amazing mellow body high. Perfect for watching trippy movies :)

    Hopefully I can grab a P of this next time, if not ill put a little more in the stash jar and get something other than Kush. Enjoy :wave:

    Click link below for HQ photos

    Jack Herer
  2. that bud looks so good. nice pickup! how much you pay for that??
  3. Looks good man, how much did you cop? Along with the bag in the back looks around a HP to me.
  4. Thanks man.

    I grabbed a QP of Jack for $800 CAD. I wanted an HP but he was charging me $1,700 so I didn't see a point. Mind you, this is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    BTW, that purple air-tight container has another HP of mids in it (I keep that for the average).

    But you can't really compare our Canadian prices with the high American prices, IMO paying 20 bucks a gram for shwagg is not fun :( (used to live in NYC)
  5. damn thats some good dank +rep
  6. Nice pickup man I'm smoking some Jack Herer x Haze
  7. The thing I noticed with Jack was that there was no tolerance build up. Each and every time I smoked it I got equally as high or higher. No joke. Jack is my favorite strain of all time.
  8. Those look great! I wish I had the $ to buy in weight, but I probably wouldn't be able to smoke it all anyway.

    What's weird is, the first picture (of all the bud) makes it look like mids.
  9. So true. That is my main problem with Kush, when you smoke it everyday its just like WTF im just getting numbed out now, nothing special..but jack destroys everytime. However, Ive noticed some people dont like Jack at all- they get too paranoid and they just cant handle it (the increase in heart rate etc.). I like it because it gets me numbed out like Kush, but fucks with my head too. Great, unique high. but definetly couldnt smoke this every few hours i would be too ripped to even do anything.
  10. I seriously dont think anyone can smoke a QP to themselves, thats retarded. You gotta share the love.

    The first picture doesnt show the THC crystals on it, but even then you can tell its not mids because of the small dense type nugs. The shit behind it is like large, leafy type buds with no crystals, mainly red hairs.
  11. You got ripped if you payed $20 in NYC and got schwag. Hell, you can get top notch bud delivered for $20-30.

    That said Canada still has the US beat on prices.
  12. If only I had a good connect in the states...:( but it was so hard finding any bud without being too sketchy or fear of being arrested. plus queens wasnt the easiest place to find bud, i wasnt spanish lol

    but ya either way, 30 bucks for a gram? I dont care if its Purple Haze from Jimi Hendrix' personal stash...i wouldnt be caught dead paying for that. God bless Canada.
  13. Well look at it this way, the $30 isn't as much money to us here in the US.
    After paying eight bucks for a pack of cigs, thirty isn't unimaginable if it's delivered to your door and it's always premium.
    That's NYC though, the west coast is ridiculously cheaper. You can find dispensaries in California that sell for $15 a gram/300oz.
  14. Thats true. I wouldn't mind copping Cali Bud. And in the end its all the same, what you pay higher for weed, we pay higher for ciggerttes, cars, clothes etc.

    But if you make a trip out to BC you will find the same type of dro, if not better for much cheaper. I went to Vancouver the other summer and I was shocked at how amazing there ordinary, no-name bud was. And we got it very cheap. Paid 150 a zip. Everybody grows there too. If you have a friend whos a grower, your set. and they have the longest growing period so its like all season long dank bud. ill prolly retire there lol

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