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Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by beefcake, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I just picked up a 1/4 of it..... Been waiting a long time to come across some!!!!!! :)

  2. pix? :hello::p;)
  3. ya! lemme get some up. I dont have a macro lens, but i shall get some decent ones up in a few mins!!
  4. and i picked up some organic AK which is damn good too.
  5. i love jack hearer,it was around hear awhile ago,cant get it anymore tho,but i used to get it for 15 a g.

    So dank..:smoking:
  6. i've only had the pleasure of smoking jack herrer one time.

    you are a lucky man, sir
  7. oh that looks beautiful
  8. looks top notch
  9. A superb strain. Looks good.
  10. post a pic of the organic ak , i supposedly got some and was really dissapointed. i looooved regular ak 47
  11. [​IMG] organic AK-47
  12. i have some jack flash.. [jack herer x super skunk] x haze

    yah jacks dank

  13. i paid 100 for the 1/4. so bout 15 bucks a gram
  14. Gotta love that Jack :hello:
  15. smoked some legit jack yesterday, sooo niiiceeee :smoke::smoke:
  16. Nice, I have some good Jack right now as well.
  17. definitely some good budski's
  18. i had jack a while ago looked very similar to your pic but paid 110 for a Q deff worth it very goooood weed
  19. I just had an 1/8 of Jack and it was great, very fun high.

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