Jack Herer

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Anyone ever smoke Jack Herer? I love that stuff. The first time i ever got high was with Jack Herer. By the way i know my user name is spelled wrong so don't comment on it.
  2. And its a guy...
  3. Guess who has some feminized Herers growing in his closet?

    They are bit hard to grow, but when you get it right....
  4. First time i smoked jack herrer i were'nt much of a smoker... had smoked hashes a couple of times with my buddys... Then this friends friend showed up bringing Mr Herrer as hit date. We puffed a joint passin it between us 3. 30 mionutes later i sat on a chair starring at a wall. Another 30 minutes later i stood in the shower for the next two hours showering with cold ass water... I went back to sofa, started the biggest munsch i ever experienced. Then we had a second joint and i felt like i was flying around with no contact between my brain and body at all. That did it, i felt perfect! Heard Herrer is sativa and not indica. It sure feels like indica to me but i DO, fucking LOVE IT!

    Second time was in Amsterdam!
    No further comments about what happened after that.
    Shit happens in amsterdam...
    Enough from me,
    JACK HERRER is a blast, u should all try to score some!

    *Olust -07*
  5. way to bump a super dead thread lmao
  6. No, I haven't. but it is definitely on my list of I WANT SOME NOW.
  7. I'm stoned as shit right noiw, smoking black afghan hasish... ;) thats why I'm floating my stories... :eek:

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