Jack herer too bushy?

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    Hi Im new to GC forums and could use so help guys. This is my 1st jack grow. I'm 3 days into 12/12. There 20 inches tall and seem to be very bushy. Do I prune or just leave them to grow. Ps there under 600w dual spectrum bulb. Would appreciate some info guys.
    I also have an issue with roots overgrown my nft tray and are starting to grow into my resivoure is this an issue?

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  2. Hey mate :)

    Personally I leave most of my leaves on unless there mostly yellow/dead because o feel they are there for a reason.
    I might take out a couple if I have any bud sites that are crashing into the underside of fan leaves.
    You could also just stagger your harvest if you think your not getting enough light down to the bottom.
    Plants looking nice good luck :)
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    Thanks for the info mate. :)

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