Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack at Hempstalk Yesterday

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  2. I hope he's alright
  3. Damn thats crazy. i have a copy of his book lol.
  4. The media will probably find something to do with marijuana linked to the heart attack.

    Hopefully not, though
  5. They probably will but I hope they don't either.

    Realistically, his many years of exposure to Carbon Monoxide from smoking in general probably did contribute quite a bit to that heart attack though.
  6. In before anti-pot critics.
  7. inb4b&

    The man's 70 years old, it's silly to blame weed for this.
  8. I wish him all the best.

    He is a great man, and i am sure he will pull through.

    Thank you for sharing this!
  9. Ah I wish him the best.
    I shook his hand and met him a few weeks ago. :(

  10. And hes not exactly "fit".
    He'll make it though.
  11. I haven't heard anyone blame it on weed, but it'll be a far-reaching claim considering his age and physical appearance.

    I haven't read his book, but I saw a documentary with him and he seemed like a very passionate and charismatic activist of marijuana. I hope him the best.
  12. I agree with you about his condition and age being much bigger factors, and honestly, i don't think too many people will try to push the smoking as the cause because of those factors.

    His book is incredible, and i own a copy and have ordered some for friends in the past. He has had and always will have one of the largest impacts on the smoking community all over the world. Hopefully he will be back to his good work asap!
  13. ill blame weed indirectly, he probably gets high so often, he keeps getting the munchies and eating all this junk food --> cholesterol --> stroke and heart attack
  14. Not his first heart attack. Not because of ganja.
  15. prayers and bowls go out to Mr/ Herer
  16. Oh man what a bummer.
    i had the pleasure of smoking a bowl with him a few months ago at Harmony fest.
  17. The latest on Jack's condition-

    Supporters of Jack Herer Say They're Focusing on the Positive - Salem-News.Com

    Eve Lentz September 16, 2009 8:08 am (Pacific time)

    Thank you, Tim and Bonnie, for getting out this information about Jack's condition. I would like to let everyone know that the nurses had put a body ice-pack on him to bring his temperature down, not a chemical, and they had to induce the coma to keep his body from shivering. This is a procedure they use to minimize damage to his brain. He was also put on a ventilator and pain medication. After about 24 hours, they started to warm him up and then wait another 48 hours before trying to bring him out of the induced coma. Jack's doctor told Jack's assistant, Chuck Jacobs and I, that it may take several days for him to wake up, and that he had had a "small" heart attack. He said that Jack's vital signs were stable and that we wouldn't know until he wakes up, what damage was done. As Chuck and I watched him laying there, we sensed that his strong will and his pledge to his "teacher, partner and friend", Edwin "Captain Ed" M. Adair III that "we'd swear to work everyday to legalize marijuana and get all pot prisoners out of jail, until we were dead, marijuana was legal, or we could quit when we turned 84." would motivate him to fight to come back to us all. Jack is still with us and with the incredible outpouring of love from people around the world, I believe he is coming back to us soon!
  18. Thanks for that update man. I sure as hell hope he's gonna be able to do the incredible work that he does. Sounds like they won't know too much until he wakes up so hopefully we'll know in the next day or so.
  19. Ed Rosenthal wrote..., just wanted to let you know Jack's assistant, Chuck Jacobs, just heard from Jack's son, Mark Herer, that Jack's brain-scan, today, shows little to no brain activity and that his brain is swelling. Yesterday, Mark told us that...... Jack also has Pneumonia. We are still believing in miracles, and just keep your loving prayers coming!!

    Fucked up if you ask me! The Jack Herer legacy will live on for a LONG time though
  20. holy shit, that is terrible. definatly praying for this man. and growing his weed soon.

    im going to smoke a joint for him...

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