jack herer story

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  1. YouTube m/watch?v=4fcP-En64gw

    this bring alot of question
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  2. Link isn't quite working right, copied and pasted. Interesting take. I haven't grown Jack Herer but I have grown Agent Orange a few times and it was very consistent. Still one of my favorite tasting strains. I got tired of paying for genetics, as well as worrying the mailman was gonna get them, and crossed most of my favorite Barney's strains with some Legendary Hashplant beans I got from a friend. I have lots of beans to work with now, a couple of my crosses were really good a few not as good as original Barney's, but I have no doubt about where the genetics came from 3 generations in.

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  3. Link seems to be broken, but as someone who runs Jack's at least 1-2 times per year I'd be curious whats up.

    Generally mine are usually robust plants (one of the most error tolerant strains I've grown imo.)
    While its a bit light for me on its own, I grow it to cut or grind into the heavier indica doms I grow to counteract some of the couch lock if I need to be doing chores or such all day. (photo showing some lightening as this was when I traveled a lot for work and sometimes could not tend to the plants for several days straight while out of town, another reason I liked Jack's for their resilience)
  4. thats the video i tried to share
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