Jack Herer Problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hashball, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I really love this plant i am starting to flower soon and this happened. I saw signs of spider mites but sprayed my plnts off with water and bug spray and am no longer seeing any signs of them. I want some help finding out how i can nurture this plant back to 100% health.
  2. I had the same problems with some plants I had they went from perfectly fine one day to slowly wilting and drying leaves. I would also like to know a solution for next time
  3. Did you use some sort of plant safe bug spray..? Aside from that looks like it could be over watering or some sort of pH problem.
  4. i had a plant with spider mites last year and i sprayed it with soap
    and i used to much and it looked something like yours it was like i over
    ferted her but it was soap maybe try spraying her with ph,ed water
    that mite help
  5. yeah i did spray it with some spray.
    so im just gonna spray it with clean water and see what happens.
    did your plants survive?
  6. yes she did but the spray killed a lot of the leafs she still yielded about 5os

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