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Jack Herer and Purple pic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buddy Burns, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Took a nice little shot with my iPhone (I know I need a new camera) of what's goin around Boston right now... the bigger bud is the "Purple" (that's all he said was Purple... could be a few different strands) and the Jack Herer is the smaller redder one... at least thats what I was told they were... you be the judge.

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  2. how much it cost u? looks good.
  3. the jack that ive gottena couple time looked nothing like that, although it was really dry by the time i got my hands on it
  4. $375 an ounce... that is a very close friend price though... I've heard of people buying for as much as 450-500
  5. First post, had to comment on the JH going around the Boston area lately. It's the shit, tbh. Unique taste, floral-ish scent, and gave me a super happy high that lasted awhile. I was paying around $20 a g for it til my buddy's source dried up.
  6. 100% definitely not, either one. sorry bro.

    The smaller nug looks like beasters and is DEF not Jack herer. Jack is not "red" lol.

    Bigger nug looks like some outdoor mids.

  7. you can't make these assumptions from a cell phone pic

  8. eek that was dumb
  9. You need to get your eyes checked man. All i have to say:rolleyes:

    Nice buds OP, i'd come over and match you any time.

  10. lol. its not an assumption if you can SEE the bud.

    you kids are killing me, what with just throwing around "good bud" so loosely. When I was 19, I certaily didn't act like a know-it-all when was around more experienced smokers.

    I have absolutely no agenda here. Ie. I'm not trying to insult anyone or make u feel bad by saying your bud is not what you were told by your dealer. You kids will never learn unless someone is opposed to bein a "Yes Man" and telling blades their nugs are better than they are

    Check my threads, you can see that about half of my posts are straight up complimentary when I see nice buds..and when I dont, I'm going to give my honest opinion.

  11. looks like some good buds to me

  12. Do you have a pickup thread?
    Where is all your "good" bud?
  13. that nug to the left looks like some china commerc. and the jack looks like some beasters. but it could just be the iphone camera. those could be some dank nuggets. but thats just my opinion. smoke it up either way tho!

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