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Jack Herer AAA(PICS) and question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RopeyMagnumMan, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Ok folks, well i live in the northeastern region of USA and i pick up medical grade supposedly comin from cali. Im used to getting medical grade but my boy called this jack Triple A. What the hell is triple A? Here are some yummy pics. I dont give a shit what its called, its fire. Enjoy and i have many more pics of many more strains!! :) Enjoy my girls boob shot haha!

    Attached Files:

  2. +1 for tits, Corona. Great lookin' bud man.
  3. also if u need to get a closer look, open the images again in a new window, u can prolly zoom in a bit
  4. i wanna be the nug in the 1st pic hahaha. Nice bud
  5. that nug is totally motorboating my girl haha
  6. I totally took your advice on opening that first pic in a new window and zoomin in... haha just messin around, really dank bud, makes me wanna roll a couple up with ya, match bowls.
  7. hahah no need o mess around shes dope haha but ya i got plenty of it id match all day haha:hello:
  8. no one can help with the question regarding triple A?????????
  9. Yo, I get triple A Jack out of Quebec. Can also get single and double A. The A's just refer to quality and fertilizer used (triple A being grown the best then double and so on). For this reason it tends to be more expensive. Ex. Quarter of triple A Jack would be about 60 here in Nova Scotia, while double A would be 50.
  10. That nug in numero uno is a straight balla.

    Enjoy. :wave:
  11. AAA is simply a way weed is graded. Only up here in Canada, I think.

    AAA is top of the line, premium bud and by the looks of that Jack, AAA holds true.
  12. damn, 60 a quarter? I'm moving yo... :wave:
  13. Damn 60 a quad of that? I just got an eigth of that here on long island for 50 it was niceee enjoy that shit
  14. Triple a means best quality. Look real nice how much was it?
  15. you got a quad?
  16. damn i pay like 100 a quarter, i need to talk to my dealer and see wtf is up haha.
  17. Sssh...the fireman comin'...

    That is some really nice lookin stuff you have there though homie...oooweee
  18. +Rep for the tittie picture.

    Hahaha, nice sugary buds too. :bongin:
  19. ive smoked some of that stuff i got from a dispensary in berkeley, CA. best bud i ever smoked. does it taste and smell almost spicy?
  20. Thanks for the help guys!, well I pay about 380 an oz. Little high but I'm from boston, ill pay that for this all day deff the best stuff around. The answer is yes it does have a bit of spice to the taste and very smelly, kinda a skunky haze kinda smell. Tttiiiiiiittttttiiiiiieeeesssss:hello:

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