Jack Herer - 8000w 15gs CO2 scrog

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    15g pots
    H&G nutes

    Sensi seed's Jack Herer - very northern lights dominate pheno.

    3.5 weeks

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  2. Wow...that looks hectic with 3 levels of training...huge harvest though I bet. Freakin Awesome bloke :)Sent from my C6903 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. That's just fucking rediculous Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I'm liking it fiaburn they are looking good no issues with mites or mildew?
  5. I just threw the top net up a few days ago, total pain, but some decided to bolt higher than normal. To be honest the first and maybe 2nd net are there to train. First one I really slam the plants down. Most training was done in veg ( topped, bending). When moved into the flower room, they fill out the canopy with the first net down.As for mites and mildew, none. Undertrim big time. Two fans on the floor to jeep CO2 moving and have 8 wall fans keeping the air moving Luke crazy. I keep to a strict spray schedule, prior to flipping, so far all is well :)
  6. Undertrim'n done till wk 5[​IMG]
  7. 4.5 weeks

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  8. 6 weeks.... 3 to go!

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  9. Those girls are awesome...huge cola left of screen. There all huge actually. And another 3 weeks of swelling...WOW

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  10. Rounding 7 weeks

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  11. Don't be a kid,as u see this isn't ScrOG.Here the light is enaught to penetrate deeper.Is some kind of train and suppory.There is nothing called " three levels of training".

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  12. Who you calling a kid hero? Did I say it was a scrog, Nah I didn't. Go and tell yourself how good you are and how much you know somewhere else. Everyone grows different. I'm sure your posts and pics are superior..!.

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    Oh Sinsemilla_kid,I am sry actualy I tought u jeer at the net.Now I see again sry.

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  14. Picture taken through a pair of polarized sunglasses today

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  15. Started flushing a few days ago.

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    Unless you're 4ft tall, I wanna know how the hell u get around the garden! Talk about maximizing sqft-age!
  17. I don't mess with the plants a whole lot after I've worked them through the first net. Everything from the time nets go up is done from underneath. The first net is around 3.5ft up, so there is plenty of room for me to crawl around under there.
  18. Doing it big fiaburn. :-$ Nice grow bro. Subbed. How many plants do you have under them 8k? Sweet set up. I see the air cooled hoods. What do you use for a/c? I ran 6x600s air cooled and 3 x1000s at once w. A burner. Sealed the room. Had to put in an a/c and 2 60 pint dehumidifiers. Pulled about 10 gallons of water out of the air every day. Used a couple of 55 gallon drums with a pump and hose with.a 6ft wand for water:)Love a sealed system. Can keep it really sterile. Love the big pots. Keep of the good work looking healthy as shit.
  19. Plant count is 15, will be going to 14. I have some 5ft'rs ready to go in as soon as this is done. Currently there is a 12 or 14k AC unit in there. Can manage in the winter, but just bought a 24k mini split. Will go up as soon as this set it done. I too have multiple dehumidifiers, pulling 10-15 g a day. Hopefully mini split will help with that's.

    Sealed is the way to go if possible. I have had zero issues this round due to being so sterile.

    I water the same way. Multiple 45g cans/ ruber hose and homemade 3/4" wand.

    I want to go to 20 or 25g bags. Just don't know if I have the space to veg them. We will just have to wait and see :)
  20. 8.5 out. Couple more days, maybe start taking down a few tomorrow night.

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