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Jack Herer 150w HPS Scrog

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Mattste, May 5, 2012.

  1. #1 Mattste, May 5, 2012
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    Hey GC,

    I'm back and have upgraded from my homemade pc grow to a Homebox XS
    • 2x2x4.
    • 150w MH to veg and 150x HPS to flower.
    • 11L bucket.
    • Inline fan with CF.
    • Jack Herer from GH Seeds.
    • 6' fan for air circulation.

    So far I'm at day 19. I noticed a pin-sized hole on one of the fan leaves. I'll wait to see if it gets worse, I have neem oil spray as a precaution. Otherwise she seems happy. Once she gets a bit taller I install the scrog. I'm using Biobizz nutes.

    My goal is to get 50g dry out of this grow.

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  2. subb'd
    I have much love for the 150w growers!
    I bet you can get at least 50 grams easy.
  3. holy smokes, i haven't been updating this as much as i should, but i figured people only want to see pics right?

    hey D, thanks for stopping by.

    so i pulled out the scrog, because i thought the plant was a little heat stressed during veg and thought i'd lst....flip to flowering and schwing! should have kept the scrog....being only my 2nd grow and first time with regular veg and flower times i had no idea how the growth rate increases during flowering. I vegged for 4 weeks and today is the start of week 3 in flowering.

    anyways, i've kept a nice even canopy using lst and i have around 11 or 12 bud sites, so i'm beginning to think my 50g is achievable.

    pic is with my crappy laptop cam, will grab a digi from work and get some shots that will do the plant some justice later in the week.


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  4. Looks bushy

    ....but thats about all I can tell :p
  5. hahahaha, sounds like answer to the question: what did the whore say to the dude with a little dick!

    yea, i'll get better shots up soon
  6. It's like a button on a fur coat.
  7. lol, never heard that one before, i'll def have to use it though,
  8. So I used a better camera this time.

    I've LST'd the shite out of this thing. Day 17 of flowering.

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  9. Looking great man, I have a 2x2x4 tent as well with a 150w hps. Check out my journal

    By the way im just curious how u lst'd it? My next grow im doing a single plant and hoping to fill the entire tent and lst it exactly u did. Wheres the actual top of the plant and how and when did u begin the lst process?
  10. Well honestly don't rememeber, I'd have to take a look and which one is the thickest. But I did top it once and then just kept tieing down. I simply used garden wire and masking tape to secure the wire to the pot, nothing fancy. I'll try get a pic up.
  11. Well u did an awesome job man congrats. Im going to give it my best shot for my next grow.

    I hope I dont break a stem or something haha
  12. Lookin' nice, man

    Now I'm really gettin' anxious!
  13. Day 34 Flowering

    So far so good. Buds are coming on nicely.

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  14. Day 47 Flowering

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  15. Day 53 Flowering. Bring on the flush

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  16. I can dig it :cool:
  17. Looking good I'm very interested in other 150w grows. I have a 150hps for my flower box but haven't started using it yet. I still have about a week more of veg to go.
  18. How's it coming?
  19. yes, how's it cumming?

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