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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by weedeater, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. have any of you guys heard of jack handy. well i heard a funny one of his today and i just wanted to share it.

    when i was a young boy i used to steal fruit from farmer johns patch with my friend billy. one day billy and i went to steal a watermelon but as we were leaving we heard a deep voice behind us that said put down that watermelon. we turned around to see farmer john pointing his shotgun at us. suddenly billy pulled out his .38 revolver and shot at farmer john but missed and hit him in the thigh. farmer john responded with a shotgun blast that hit billy in the shoulder. as billy fell to the ground farmer john approached him to finish him off with the butt of his rifle. but billy pulled out the bowie knife that he kept in his belt and stabbed farmer john in his big white belly. needless to say i didnt steal any fruit for at least a year after that.

    man i love jack handy. if anyone else has a funny one post it here. hell they are all funny to me.
  2. Never personally heard of Jack Handy but here is a personal story of mine! pretty amusing i thinK!

    aight one day me and my friend and her b/f went to his house. we were smokin outta this like little waterbong! and i was REAL REAL high and was talkin and bein stupid and i didn't notice i hit it outta the carb instead of the mouthpiece guy! well i sucked up all this bong water and spit it all over my friend we both laughed so hard she pissed her pants! We seriously had to walk from her b/fs house to hers blitzed as motherfuckers he mom was Way pissed cus our eyes were bloodshot as hell it was soo funnny!
  3. Ahh i didn't know. thanx for the info!
  4. ha that was some pretty funny shit thanks for that! Im sittin here waitin on my friend so we can go fire one up!

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