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Jack Frost (Jack Herer x W. Widow x N. Lights #5)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TMadd, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Haha it'd be a long trip my friend, central MA :D
  2. i got some jack frost in early december...paid 275 for my zip though my main dude had the hook on it for a minute its was great shit though i would load the bong once rip it thrice and be baked outta my ghord.....nice shit.
  3. Yeah I first picked it up in early Dec too but I wasn't getting $275 ounces haha, lucky guy. I'm just happy it's still floating around. I'll be getting a zip Tuesday hopefully; depends if the guy has it or not still.
  4. around here in ohio i couldnt imagine paying 10 0r even 20 a g if i asked my dude to sell me a gram he would be like dude if your that hard up just take this joint or smoke me out....i just cant believe how ridiculous it is in some places....i mean i understand the concept of good bud= higher price but damn talk about taxin lol
  5. Yeah man it's all location. People pay $25-$30 a g in some areas for this shit. That's what you get with an unregulated industry though.
  6. Bumpin for some Sunday exposure.
  7. Really? No love? Last try at bumping for others to see...
  8. Those crosses sound like they would make a very nice bud

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