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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by HIGHskool, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Hello....well ok im going to start my official journal....I should have my camera tommorow and be posting pics by next week (bcus im going out of town for easter) but let me fill you in...
    About 3 months ago me and three friends built an 8 by 8 shed out of plywood and basic 4*4 posts. We ordered our seeds from nirvana, the shed cut into our funds so we had to begin the vegging process under flourous, but now we have our 1000 watt HPS and I started flowering 5 days ago.....we have one Big Bud strain at three feet who was the first to pop its pistols...another even taller Big Bud turned out to be a male today, but oh well we expected it....We have about 40 plants total, 10 are still vegging outside, but will be moved into the flowering shed soon....i hope to be able to sex most of them within the next week and will give u some pics and the sexes soon....wish me luck bcus this is my first grow...bye guys and gals...peace
  2. good luck man, can't wait to see the pics
  3. Yeah good luck dude.
  4. Im back from vacation and my partners tell me we have 17 femalees out of 30...and 10 more veggin outside we willl put them under 12,12 soo....we had a nice bushy jack that we all bet was going to be a female and to our dissapointment it was a male...should have pics soon!
  5. Damn we had a big ass hail storm on friday and i had my males outside....they got fucked up...looked like someone had shot them up with a machine gun...those bastards deserved it...anyway im so excited the plants are starting to bud got about 1 inch long buds on top....on the purple #1 you can see a purple tint developing its amazing ill have pics soon i hope
  6. ne pics yet?
  7. Tuesday we were bused by the parents, 21 magificent specimens were torn ot b the roots, it has been a sad week in Ganja history...sorry for letting u guys down
  8. did u not get to save ne buds?....or were they all threw out?
  9. that sucks man :(

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