J. Tony Serra is my new hero! Trial Update

Discussion in 'General' started by Medicine Al, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Some people really are larger than life, and if you want to see a genuine american hero in action, try the federal courthouse in Sacramento, and the ongoing trial of Dr. Fry and her husband Dale Shafer. Read all about it here, from the perspective of the most conservative rag in California. J.Tony Serra is like having Hunter Thompson and Johnny Cochrane all in one.


    The trial lawyer of the year for 2003, this guy is an Icon.

    And another update from the trial, displaying the genius of this man. He has the prosecution tied up in knots! The judge doesn't know whether to shit or go home!


    He's maybe the most unusual tactician in the legal world today, It's fun as hell, if you are of a mind and can get there, go watch this man in action. Or just read all about it, and know that the spirit of true freedom is still alive and well in at least one of us.

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