J Or Bowl?

Discussion in 'General' started by El Duderino, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. my wife just got home with a sak. asked me joint or bowl. i cant choose. its a 5 inch spoon, thick glass. and standard zig zag papers. decisions decisions...

  2. Bowl, you get more THC from bowls and you can smoke like 2-3 of them instead of a joint. plus i just love smoking out of some nice glass, its like smoking out of a beautiful piece of art
  3. WINNER!!!! she just finished breaking it up.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I love this 'City!!!
  6. we built this city on pot and bowls. lulz
  7. Bowl then roll a joint for when your on the go
  8. I think it depends on different factors. If youre alone, sure, hit the bong. If youre with people, id say that blunts are easier. After you roll, there is very little fuss. Just pass that shit and dont fuck up the rotation.
  9. Bowl. I use joints when I'm on the go and it's for more than 2 people, don't want to carry around a smelly pipe. Besides a bowl is more efficient than a joint. Right now I have the Vapor Genie and it's my go to pipe.

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    both! wtf
  11. Joint! Much more convient when your not smoking by yourself and its more enjoyable imo

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  12. Bowl

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  13. Joints are always more fun. Bowls are more economical.
  14. I prefer glass....mostly because i have a badass collection
  15. bowls when im home, joints when im out some where. my spoon doesnt fit in my pockets as the bowl is pretty big. if im goin somewhere ill roll up a j before & take it with me :smoking: :bongin:

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