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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Joint Commander, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. High everybody,

    So far it is day 10, my first seedling popped through the soil this morning, and over the course of the day in bright sunlight split into its first two leaves.

    14 days ago I did the whole paper towel germination method on 26 seeds, 2 germinated before I transplanted them into germinating potting soil.

    The seeds were from herb I consumed over the years. Possibly as old as 3 yrs. I'm not quite sure how many different kinds there were, but I got from a natural grow operation in Santa Cruz, I believe the strain to be from British Columbia, I expect nothing fancy, standard green with brown hairs and dense crystals.

    Anyhow, of the two that germinated, I confirm that one dried up (I dug it up to check) and today the first sprout broke soul. Last night there were none.

    I am working on a partial indoor and partial outdoor grow for now. I am set for the indoor portion, I have two floodlights, 300w each. I am only using 1 right now at about 10'' from the plant. I also have a large fan to circulate air, however there is a strong breeze here usually drafting into the window and good daytime direct sunlight.

    I am very disturbed at the low turnout thus far, and I fear this might be the only seedling that will grow, as such I need advice as to how to best use the plant.

    1> can I take clones from it before I flower it, and have those clones possibly turn into a different sex than the main plant?

    2> is an indoor outdoor plan adviseable, using natural sunlight during the day and artificial at night?

    3> What kind of timetable am I looking at? When might I first be able to harvest,

    4> when should I transplant into a larger container.

    I am resetting the grow clock at this point to J_day, aka the day it first started to grow above ground.

    I will use this mssg. board as my primary source of advice on the grow, advisors and veterans are encouraged to help me out. I don't want to loose the one I have.

    In the past I was able to grow 17 plants outdoors without tending to them, but were tranpled by authorities. I am not sure what the specifics are.

    Thanks everyone, and remember to always bring a towel :)
  2. Wow, this totally sucks, I took the baby inside, and the 300w lamp burned it to a crisp. i caught it right after the soil and plant had dried and wilted, within minutes.

    Is there anything I can do to save it, I propped it up with a cut in half straw end, it seems to be able to support some of its own weight, maybe the roots will rehydrate. This happen to anyone else?
  3. man, You see this is why we need to make sure theres a RTFM on seed from now on... a heat lamp provides no light, and just burns it hotter than anything youll get at a harveys around here! use fluorescents at worst, a mh or pref a hps light, otehrwise, ure wasting money and precious seeds.
    to figure out everything that went wrong I highly suggest you read up on www.overgrow.com/faq
  4. Brown and out.

    So that sprout I had faught like a champ on life support. It lasted 2 more days without loosing its green color, but the plant nerve damage must have been to severe. It still holds its original shape but there has been no growth and the color is fading to brown.

    No other seeds have germinated, it looks like I'm going to be turning to outside suppliers.

    I'll keep this journal open untill I give up altogether.

    right on man... f the system WAR WAR WAR
  5. Hia Joint.

    I think you missed the point. Hes saying your garden will never work the way its going. it takes allittle more then what your puting in to get anything out.

    Do yourself a favor and read alot before you keep killing your seeds. Get a HPS and read, take it slow.

    check out http://www.overgrow.com

    If you want to take the fight to the front lines get involved with politics! help organize people in your area. view the norml website spend some money on an attorney to help you out. Get some donations and make some donations. If you really wanna WAR then you have to WAR if not your only helping your own cause not everyones. MONEY & ACTION wages WAR, breaking the law isn't winning anything. its only risking spending your life behind the bars of the enemy!


    Dont get pissed off at me for saying what ive said. Get stronger from it. knowlege is power. You will not get anywhere doing it your own way. Dont reinvent the wheel find the best way to use it. Become an activist and lets win this war!

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