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  1. I just had to say that J Dilla was an amazing artist, producer, and mc. He has to be on of the best know unknowns. He is amazing and his music is so versatile, every beat is different, and his infusion of jazz, funk, and hip hop is just absolutely amazing.I know not everyone is going ot agree that he is amazing but give him a listen. I love music and always listen to music with an open mind because you never know what you may stumble upon. Also some other artists that are taking their music to the next level include
    Oh No
    The Mars Volta
    Crown City Rockers
    Dj Krush

    This stuff just makes you want to groove.
  2. I love J Dilla.. Donuts was playing when I came into this thread coincidentally. He's definitely #1 or #2 in my opinion of producers.. along with Madlib. OH NO Oxperiments is really good too.. Dilla is a genius.. you like Guility Simpson? I can't wait for his CD to drop.. I heard its postponed but hopefully it was just a rumor..

    Stones Throw is probably the most consistent record label for good music releases.. they don't put out any bullshit, everything is good on that label.
  3. J Dilla is the shit, also MF Doom. I got all of jdilla's mixtapes and albums. He is really missed; he was one of the greatest djs of all time.
  4. Do you have J Dilla Beat Tapes 05' CD 1 2 and 3 by any chance?

    I got a new laptop and can't find it anywhere.
  5. Man, all I have are Donuts and the Shining. I would LOVE some mixtapes.
  6. PM me.. I have everything besides those 3 beat tapes :)

    Ruff Draft, Welcome 2 Detroit, Jaylib, Jay Dee Story.. off the top of my head..

    Sorry, youre the first I run into that has them beat tapes! I think I have all those... two of the ones I have are like hour long mixes (ones with the guy from ATCQ), one is 52 tracks of Jaylib, and the other I have isnt complete, but I wish it was...
  8. Ooo the incomplete is 05' #1 I believe... only like 10-11 tracks I think, but fuck... it is flame my friend.

    PM me and well do some exchangin:D
  9. quasimoto I have everything but those tapes too

    these are the only tracks I have:

    beat cd '05 #1 : sleeping like a dog, some spooky shit, watching smurfs on shrooms, zelda 2
    beat cd '05 #2 : someone used this already
    beat cd '05 #3 : track 26

    somebody hook me up!
  10. all mine are just numbered...

    Tracks 3,4,5,7,11,12,13,15,16,20,22
  11. Yeah on my beat tapes its numbered #1: tracks 1-35~ #2: 1-35~ #3: 1-35~ with no track names..

    I think I'm going home Friday so I'll try to remember to bring up them on some CD-R's back to college..

  12. /agree
  13. not only was he great, but he was a citizen of the Grass Nation: J Dilla was a stoner :smoking:and a damn good one at that. there's something about listening to dilla with bass boosting headphones that makes your high soooooooooooo much better. J Dilla you are part of the reason i got into hip-hop, we miss you here on planet earth.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23wO4554dh0&feature=related]YouTube - Don't Cry[/ame]

  14. I guess my Dilla collection has evolved since then into all his studio albums, the 12-cd set "Soulful Genius: Library of A Legend", the "Three Beat Tapes", "Another Batch (of beat tapes)", and the Jay Dee story.

    J Dilla changed my life. Seriously.
  15. ...I'm def not as much of a fan because I only have two J Dilla songs

    but I just wanted to say that listening to "Won't Do" is the main reason I started getting into good hiphop, it just went uphill from there.
  16. Jasmine, get the albums "Donuts" and "The Shining". And check this remix of Macy Grey's "I Try" out:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qezwjBQDtU]YouTube - Macy Gray / I Try Jay Dee Remix[/ame]
  17. (sorry for bumping)

    J Dilla has the best music to listen to while high imo, I was first introduced to the song Won't Do, when high off some gdp, and loved it, bought Jay Stay Paid and lovin that album too.

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