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  1. 600w MH & 600w HPS (for flowering) 20/4 atm because of heat issues.
    5x5x7 Grow tent.
    Fan oscillating on max.
    NO exhaust yet (money issues)
    Just watering when light, and no nutes (Water PH=6.5-6.7)
    Xnutrients for later
    Miracle grow moisture control with 25% perlite.
    Humidity 31-40%
    High temp was 91 low was 69.

    Hey everybody,

    I started germinating my seeds a few weeks ago, and have had some trouble since then. I started out with very poor lighting, as well as having a soil that would compact with the tiniest bit of water. Since then I've gotten a 600w MH light, a flowering tent, and a few other things like nutes for later.
    I'm having a couple of problems right now, one is getting heat out of tent when lights are on, and keeping the temp up when lights are off. High temp was 91 before i opened up both sides of the tent, and got it down to 84 where it stayed until lights out.
    I have the lights about 18-20'' from the top of my plants, they leaves were V shaped and pointing upward (i think because of the light or heat) so i moved back from where I had it at about 13-15". I had the plants in larger containers, and a bad soil so I really wanted to transplant them. The other reason I did it was because they were VERY stretched and no growth from the bad lighting (CFL's 18-23 actual watts) so when i transplanted I buried them up to withing a inch of the "canopy."
    I'm very new to this, and money is a HUGE issue (unless someone wants to give me a job in colorado *grin* ) The next thing I'd like to get is a PH tester for the soil, an exhaust system. ANY advice, or constructive criticism is very welcome!:D

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  2. Most of my plants still have the V shaped look to them (like the plant is closing) after I moved the lights a little further away. It's about 85 degrees at 27% humidity. I Put a wet towel behind the fan to help with humidity.

    Is it normal for my plants to kind of curl up?
  3. So I brought the light back even further and the leaves are going down a tad. RH is up to 42% and temps down to 81 degrees F. How far would you guys put the 600w MH above the plants? They're like 7 day old seedlings or so.
  4. Maybe run your lights at night?
  5. I have them running through the night, and off during the hottest part of the day, kind of. It's 9am-1pm they're off, the wife wanted em that way.....

    I have been experimenting since I can't keep all 11 plants, I tried giving 2 of them xnutrients micro grow, and grow nutes. Then on another I tried LSTing one by holding both leaves down with string, over night though, it grew right past both strings.
  6. These pictures are of the (2) forms of LST I'm using, and then the 2 plants I've treated with some nutrients.

    Can anybody tell me if they are way behind or about average growth compared to other 1 week old plants.

    Also, what would you guys recommend as far as exhaust systems with a carbon filter for my grow tent? 5x5x7. I want to be able to solve the heat problem, and the smell problems, while at most spending 125-150usd.

    If you guys want pictures of different things, or my tent just let me know.

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  7. Na your plants look about on track.. maybe just a tiny bit behind. But i wouldnt really add any nutes to seedlings. I usually wait 4 weeks till adding nutes
  8. Thanks for the response. I just cut out these little reflectors from cans. I only put it on two because I seen the idea on another log.

    So no nutes, but i have 2 more questions.

    Should i use those reflectors? try it out, or completely get rid of them?

    I have a 600w Metal halide 18'' from the plants at the moment. Should I say with that, or switch out for my 600w HPS light the same distance? OR use both. Thanks in advance

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  9. dude you are doing good but 91 degrees is to hot your plants will suffer a lot of stress if you are looking for a cheap and good fan S&P
  10. I didn't see anywhere on the page if it will hand carbon filters, or something that will handle the smell....I have a feeling I'll be needing it soon. I'm a TOTAL noob when it comes to exhaust systems, inline fans, and carbon filters.
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    check this pic at the top says cfm vs static pressure (sp) ins wg...
    carbon filter 9000 is 0.25" static pressure and the 33 and up are 0.75 for more info go to canfilter.com also before you get confused they have 2 speed low LS and high HS

    my flower room is 6x8x8 and I'm using a can filter 9000 with S&P TD 125 @ 133 cfm HS with a temp controller and I use TD 150 for my 600w HPS

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    Thankyou, So I would need to get a TD-100x or so for my 5x5x7 grow space right? I figured around 45-50cfm for a 3-5 room turn over rations. I would also need to get a can9000.

    Since the temps are still at 88, I was thinking about running a 400HPS instead just to lower the temps. I have read that they'll still grow, though they'll be taller, and more stretched. Wouldn't this be better than having 88ish temps?

    What do you guys think? I wanted to switch to the 400HPS until I can afford the exhaust system, which will be about 2 weeks, then I can switch back to the MH until flowering time.

    I found these awesome charts that really cleared up the distance for the most part. Heat is still an issue, but they're great guidelines.
  13. Couldn't edit in pics

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    next time plan before plant...
    get some T5 or DIY cfl like in my signature 2in from the seedlings they keep the stretch down as soon you see your plants bushy switch to MH. HPS they work for vegetative but MH is the proper spectrum and run much cooler than hps. 91 degrees will create plant stress slowing down your plants growth, in the worst case turning them to hermaphrodite. I see you have some heat issues get the TD 125 for your exhaust with can 9000 also start looking for an air cooled hood for your 600w hps they put out lots of heat and one for you MH

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    I see your doing your homework ;)

    also you have to keep in mind the outside temps of your grow room. I bring air from outside where the temps are 62 degrees as soon my grow room hits 66 my temp controller turns off my fan (i grow aero thats my system but is not finish yet)

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  16. The reflectors do NOT work, at least it looks like it to me. I put it on, and after about 8 hours or so the leaves started to droop dramatically. I attached a picture below, is it just me, or does it look sick? I took it off, and will post back with an update to how she's doing.

    Another thing I wanted to address was if it would be bad for the plants to sometimes do 24/0 and sometimes do 20/4 lighting schedule? when my house gets cold I've been leaving the lights on, other than that I've been turning them off during the "heat"of the day.

    The plant I'm doing LST on with strings is turning out quite a few leaves more than the others. She is staying short and getting busy (though still very little right now lol)
  17. 9 days old and they seem to be doing good. I've had them under the MH still about 13" away for a day, and while the heat has gone down, and the leaves stay up like that I'm going to assume it's TOO much light, and try backing off a lot and check on leaves.

    I know I'm kind of babying everything, but who doesn't their first grow? I'm finding it very enjoyable, and I want to look at the plants way too much! :cool:

    As far as the LST where I'm holding the leaves down with fishing line (in the pictures) Does anybody know if that is a certain technique? I've seen it with rubber bands, then thread, and I really wanted to know SHOULD I stop doing that now? or keep holding the higher branches down so they all get light (this plant has the most growth, but not by far.)

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  18. Just a little update from everyone.

    Day 11 for these seedlings. I have 11 plants and have to get rid of 5 of them (I'm doing my best to stay legal.) to keep within the 6 plant max. I haven't changed too much in the last 2 days besides trying out my HPS in another room, and it raised temperatures about about 12 degrees.

    I tried to take pictures of the same plants so you guys can see the growth. and on the 4th picture is a little discoloration or burning of the leaves, I'm not too sure what it's from, so if you have any ideas let me know.

    I've tested the soil and it seems a bit acidic so I'm trying to go about getting some PH up/down from my local grow store. I'm still working on getting an exhaust system, and still retarded about the whole thing. So far I'm looking at getting a 4" centrifugal? fan, and the intake i'll just leave the flap on tent open. Later I'll get an intake fan, and can filter? hell i don't know.

    Enjoy the pics and ask away.

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  19. So things have been going good. I've transplanted them into 1gallon pots, and two of them into 2 gallon so I can play with LST.

    There was some slight yellowing on the edges of leaves, and 1 part of a leave looked burnt off....but didn't make sense since it was a bottom leaf. Ill take pictures later tonight to show you guys. For the yellowing leaves I gave some Xnutrients micro, and grow. They seem to be doing well.

    HELP. I bought a 435 cfm fan for my grow room and it allowed me to lower the light 400w MH a lot...but still stays at around 80....just a passive intake. How many degrees should that fan help? I have a 5x5x7 tent, and house stays around 72F
  20. Hey man, just stumbled across your thread. I'm a newbie 2/3 through my first grow, but will try to help as much as possible.

    First off, with your 600 w only 12" from the plants I'm assuming you are running an aircooled hood? Even with air cooling, this is really close for plants that young...I also used a 600 w mh for most of veg, but started it at 36" and gradually moved it to a final height of 16" over the span of 7-10 days. There's no need to have that big light that close too seedlings.....move it back to 14-16" and this will help with lowering the canopy temperature, and will give a much bigger light footprint which you will need as the plants get bigger.

    As far as your temp question, where are you measuring the temperature? It's good to measure at different heights, I have 3 thermometers: one at the root zone, one at the height of the canopy under the light, and one at top of tent. These temps can vary greatly, so it's good to keep tabs. If you are measuring 80 anywhere other than at the tips of plants under the light, than this means temps in that area could easily be 90 + degrees.....trouble! If you are measuring 80 right at the canopy under the light, and thats as hot as it gets then this is ok....although lowering a few degrees won't hurt and gives more room for error should a fan quit etc.

    Don't think of the fan lowering temps x degrees.....doesn't work that way. The coolest that your tent will get is 72 degrees as this is the ambient temperature in your house that will be sucked into your grow area by negative pressure. Think about how fast the fan is exchanging the air into your tent, that's the main concern.....you want to exhaust the stale hot air and bring in cooler fresh air. I forget that recommended exchange rate, but it is easily found in the stickies. You know the cfm of your fan, calculate the vine of your area and you should know if that fan is adequate.......unless your area is huge, that fan should be plenty though. If you want your tent cooler, just increase the fan speed and/or lower the temperature in the house. A helpful tip is to run your lights at night when ambient temps are coolest.

    Hope this help, good luck!

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